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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Call Me

This is the evening portion of Friday, September 6, 1991 for your not-quite so humble author, Andrew Joseph, an assistant English teacher on the JET (Japan Exchange &Teaching) Programme living in Ohtawara City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.

For what I did yesterday during the day, read THIS blog.

It's now 5PM, and I leave my Ohtawara Board of Education (OBOE) office, go home, relax and wait for Shoko to telephone me to tell me when and where to meet for our first date.

Shoko is the very pretty young lady who takes a night school English conversation class I teach for fun and small profit. I have my OBOE's blessing to do so, as they understand profit, and understand that it's good for a gaijin (foreigner) to be out there teaching more and more people how to converse in English. Teaching Shoko English could also be good for one particular gaijin.

Matthew, a fellow partner-in-crime AET living in Ohtawara nearby keeps calling me every 20 minutes or so to see if Shoko has called--but Shoko does not call. Or if she has, I've missed it because my phone lacks call-waiting (not sure if that was invented by 1991) or an answering machine.

Rather than just do nothing, I write a letter to a former student of mine at the night school class and one to my little brother Ben, who has helped keep me sane (such that it is) by taping tons of television shows. (Ben won an Emmy in 1999 for his writing skills on the kids animated program Rolie Polie Olie. HERE's an episode, though not one he wrote.)

When I head out to the mail box to drop off the letters, I fear that Shoko will call. But... she'll call again if she misses me, right?

By 11PM, still no Shoko. Matthew calls again at 12AM and asks if I want to go to our local hangout bar, the 4C. Sure.

Mutual friend Kevin is there. he tells me that Shoko was there earlier and tried to phone me. Figures.

I have six beers, feel bloated and toasty and head home convinced that im my last life I must have been one right royal bastard to have such wonderful luck like this.

Somewhere cursing a whole pantheon of gods,
Andrew Joseph
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PS: So... Shoko only did call once. Or she called 20 times and I was either on the phone or out dropping off the mail. I'm the architect of my own demise. I don't have her number... because I didn't want her to feel awkward in case she didn't want a second date and I did. I wonder if there ever will be a first date? Too bad... I had a fresh box of condoms all ready to try out and had washed all my bedroom sheets. I was never a Boy Scout, but there's nothing wrong with being prepared.


  1. Oh no! She called you and you missed it? Dude, don't feel bad, she might have been hot but that sounds like something just wasn't "in the cards"

  2. I just want to feel loved! Is that so wrong? Anyway Mike... I still have a kyudo festival to participate in this weekend. What could go wrong? What's funny about my 'date' with Shoko is that I wasn't really upset. Disappointed, but not upset. I think I DID realize it wasn't something that was going to be long-term. I think she and I ran at different speeds. More (or less) on Shoko to come.