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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello, I Love You

Hi. It's Monday, September 16, 1991 and I'm somehow surviving here in Japan. I've been here over 13 months living in the fishbowl that is Ohtawara-shi (Ohtawara City), Tochigi-ken, (Tochigi Prefecture), Japan as an assistant English teacher on the JET (Japan Exchnage & Teaching) Programme.

I haven't been in a great mood for the past couple of weeks. Some of it may be due to the euphoria of my mother flying back to Toronto.

Or maybe it's woman concerns: I had an American girlfriend, but now we're just friends... friends-with-benefits, mind you, plus I have another woman (Canadian)  chasing after me that would like to have a boyfriend, but I just want sex from, and then there's the Japanese fox I like, who likes me, but for whatever reason, the fates continue to conspire against us.

Of course, my mood might also be due to a lot of pressure (real or imagined) from having to perform my duties as a teacher last week at the worst school in the city. Or the fact that I haven't actually gone on vacation in a while (though every day in Japan could be considered a vacation by some people).

Or maybe it's because the Japanese like to invite me out for dinner and drinks - but mostly drinks - that I am feeling like an old distillery.

 Or maybe I miss my female stalker who provided me with awesome nights - so much so that I didn't sleep for a week. Only a guy would sleep with his stalker.

 Or maybe its the fact I don't have a girlfriend, and I want the one I can't have. Or maybe its not doing as well as I wanted in a sport I have no business doing well  - kyudo (Japanese archery), or maybe I'm not sleeping enough or maybe... just maybe I like to worry about things.

Personally, I hope all of this angst is due to me no getting laid enough. A month a ago, I was in Thailand and was getting it four times a day from two Thai women I befriended.... the last time with all three of us together. It's tough to go back to 'routine' after that!

 Maybe it's the heat? Maybe I just miss Ashley and the way we were. I feel absolutely awful after telling her last night that my grandfather had died and I was depressed. He had died, but that was in February. My cat died that month, too. Also a friend back home died, as well.

No... probably just miss the regular sex. People... man does not live on bread alone. We need to be regular, despite all of the fiber in bread. 

I spent last night at Ashley's place. She's my current friend-with-benefits. She's very attractive and very, very smart, but not that smart - else why get involved with me. She's an introvert, while I am an introvert pretending to be an extrovert. Apparently, I'm good at it.

And by the way... who goes to Japan to get an American or Canadian girlfriend? Apparently I do. 

Ashley and I get up at 1PM! We snuggle a bit, talk, get up, talk some more, eat some more of her week-old soup, and talk again.

Don't ask me what we talked about. It was pleasant, but I think I was in shock by all of the crap revolving around me and how I don't think I like the person I am becoming. I need to change. Get back to who I was with a hint of who I want to be.

 I leave her place at 3PM - she wants to do laundry, and I don't want to hang out anymore. I need to feed my fish, anyways.

 Back home in my stately apartment (3 bedrooms, LDK, western bathroom and laundry and two balconies - yes... this is Japan, where everyone lives in a rabbit hutch! Not! Maybe in Tokyo. Maybe) i futz around with my puzzle when I get a phone call from fellow AET John Abraham.

He says he'd like to purchase my motorcycle. I bought a low-powewred motorcycle two months ago, and aside from driving it around while testing it before purchasing it, I have not yet been on it. It scares the crap out of me. Considering how my mind is, do you really think I should be riding a motorbike? My board of education office doesn't want me to because they know I'm accident prone - what with being hit twice on separate occasions by cars while riding my bicycle. I wonder if I gave myself brain damage then. It would explain so much.

 So... he quickly comes over, hands me 30,000 yen ($300) and I hand him the motorcycle keys. Yay! I hope he doesn't kill himself.

I did pay 30,000 yen for the damn thing didn't i? I didn't lose money on the deal did I? Oh crap.

I go back to my apartment and call Catherine - another new girl on the JET Programme who seems to like me (she was not mentioned in the diatribe up above). I know... how do I feel down about my wonderful rife when I have women throwing themselves at me?

 We chat until 1:30AM - and wow does she sound hot to trot. 

What does she look like again?

Somewhere trying to remember,
Andrew Joseph
Today's blog title is by The Doors: HELLO!
PS: Crap! I bought the damn motorcycle for 35,000 yen ($350). I lost 500 yen ($50) on this deal! Man... I need to get some real sleep. Maybe tomorrow.

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