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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hybrid Cars To Provide Extra Electricity To Japan's Towns

Here's a cool story!

Prius hybrid gas-electric cars are being donated by Toyota to Japan's northeastern Tohoku region to help ease the power shortages.

After a powerful 9.0 Magnitude earthquake spawned a massive tsunami that caused a near meltdown at the Dai-ichi (Big One) nuclear power plant facility in Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture), the northeastern part of Japan has been afflicted by electrical power shortages. 

The power grid will be specially fitted with 40 of the hybrid vehicles to store and generate electricity.

Also, in a show of support for the region, the auto-making giant announced it will create a manufacturing training school in the area, indicating that it has no intention of halting future production of vehicles there. The first class for 10 to 30 students will begin in April 2013.

While many observers have suggested Tokyo and other major manufacturers might consider moving their production away from Japan to avoid future disruptions from natural disasters, let Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife offer his two yen's worth.

There is no way any major Japanese manufacture will leave Japan completely to manufacture products! The Japanese are a very proud people... proud of who they are, what they manufacture and where they are from.

For a major manufacturer to leave a country reeling after the devastating natural disasters et al would be financial disaster. True there would be fewer jobs to go around, but there would be such a backlash.

The Japanese really do dislike a lot of things not made in Japan that could or should be made in Japan.

Hyundai... it was snidely pointed out to me that it was a Korean car... and more quietly that Japanese people do not like Koreans. Again... this is NOT a blanket statement... and it's not the ramblings of a single man, but rather the feelings of more Japanese people than you would believe.

Again... I don't believe that the Japanese are racist... at least not any more than the average Canadian or American.... it exists... let's not be ignorant and deny it... but along with some racism, I fervently believe that the Japanese would simply rather buy Japanese because of a sense of pride at their own country. It's all about perceptions.

It's like Ego and Self-Confidence. My self-confidence might seem like Ego to you. 
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