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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Knock On Social Media

I feel sorry for the poor Japanese player involved in the bruhaha about comments made and posed on Twitter.

Kumagai Saki (surname first) is a 20-year-old young lady who was part of Japan's World Cup winning soccer team. She apparently went to a party and said some things or showed off a topless photo of one of the other female players...and some dumbass guy posted it on Twitter.

You can read about that HERE.

I feel bad for Kumagai. I called her a nitwit in the blog's headline - and to be honest, she was. She says she didn't do a lot of what others say she did, and says other things were twisted or taken out of context.

Even if she did or didn't do these things - who cares? Is it really that big a deal? Japan finally has a some heroes they can cheer about. Winning the World Cup was a surprise for the nation, and a damn fine great piece of good news - especially after all of the negative press and just plain press after the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami and close-call near nuclear meltdown since March 11, 2011.

Now... if the guy posting the tweets via Twitter was actually aghast at anything said or done at this university party, then sure... go ahead and post.

But if he was just blabbing stuff that someone who might have a too much to drink said and did - then that is just being malicious.

Personally, I don't think any cell phones, cameras or computer-like device should be allowed at any party where drinking is going on. I mean... that party wasn't an official party. It was just people getting together and having a great time.

People get drunk and say and do stupid things and regret them... but to have the whole world know - and heck, has anyone seen any proof that Kumagai really did all she was alleged to have done? In today's age of instant media gratification, people are innocent until tweeted.

Well, a little bird told me you can kill a lot of birds a stone in the hand. Why blab about crap like this on Twitter? If it was real news, why not call up a news agency and let them make it news? Bloggers like me, I did it to inform, but tried to do it fairly ( I was a real journalist for the Toronto Star newspaper a long time ago). Twits who Twitter about stuff to no one in particular... that's not cool.

Regardless of the brains or lack there of, of some people on Twitter - she's 20 year-old and one of Japan's newest heroes. If she did what they say she did, then she acted like an ass. Let her apologize and get on with being 20.

That's the problem with instant media gratification... there's no time to verify the facts before it is out in the ether. Bloggers do it, too, as does the mainstream media and politicians.

In the stories I have read about Kumagai's alleged misconduct, does anyone know what university the party was at or what the name of the 21-year-old man is? None of the stories I read provided that information.

That's basic Reporting 101, and it pissed me off that I could not provide that information in my blog. Then again, I'm not a mainstream news service like Kyodo or Reuters or The Japan Times.

For your information, the man's name is: Hashimoto Daiki and the university is Hosei University.

Here's a link to a page in Japanese with all of the tweets and some of the photos from the party. If anyone wants to translate for this blog, that would be cool... but I still didn't see any topless shots of female soccer players. PAGE. So... where's the proof?

Andrew Joseph


  1. Shocking! So, er, where's that link to the topless photo?

  2. Yeah... that's what I want to know too!