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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Get It Started

I head to Nozaki Chu Gakko (Nozaki Junior High School) this morning still in a bit of pain from the exercise I did two days ago with my friend and fellow assistant English teacher (AET) Matthew.

It's Tuesday, September 3, 1991 here in Ohtawra-shi (Ohtawara City), Tochigi-ken (Tochigi Prefecture), Japan, and I'm enjoying my time at this school - always my favourite - from the teachers all the way to the students. It's pure pleasure to know one gets to work in such a happy environment!

I have three classes today (which means I have two classes off). The two with Hiyama-sensei are well-prepared and go fairly well. She's teaching mostly younger kids (Grades 7 & 8 - or in Japan, Year 1 and Year2), and they all seem eager to learn. Nagashima-sensei's classes are full of enthusiasm, too. If only all the schools were as well-prepared and mentally-fit as this one!

Immediately after class and before lunch, I chat with some of the boys about the one subject they are most interested in learning about in English: sex. It's like the common denominator with any male learning a new language. You learn to say hello, your name, how are you, and then all of the naughty stuff you can lay your hands on. I don't hold back--not even with the less pleasant schools--because they are showing an interest in English. Heck, I want to know the naughty stuff in Japanese, so we teach each other, have fun while bonding.

I eat lunch with the second class, and afterward teach them more bad words, and they me. Quid pro quo.

After school, the students all break up into three large groups and try to cheer lead for this weekend's upcoming Sports Day. One group that has a teacher present is very good, but the others who are without a teacher kind of just sit around and waste time. Me, too. I don't blame them. It's 35 Celsius outside. Who can be energetic in that type of heat? Oh, and the humidity! I am dripping with sweat and I'm not even moving!

Back home in my apartment after shopping for ready-made dinners, Ashley (my ex-girlfriend and now quite possibly friend-with-benefits) calls. We chat for 30 minutes before she asks if I would like to come over and try some soup she made. Okay... it's still 35 Celsius out, and it's a 20 minute bicycle ride away, but what the heck. I'll eat her soup.

I figure it's her feeling me out - to see if we should continue having benefits, as we haven't since she went back to her home in Augusta, Georgia, USA a month ago, only arriving back a week ago. She put on quite a few pounds, but still looks sexy, yummy to me. Since she and I had relations, I met another AET named Karen from North Bay, Ontario, Canada who would like me to be her boyfriend. Plus, I keep getting calls from an English chick from Bath named Cathy who I think likes me. Plus I had Kristine from Washington D.C. over whom I really like, but didn't put any moves on because I was sick during her visit. Plus I had some really wild times with two Thai women I met in Bangkok while vacationing with my mother, who then came to Ohtawara-shi to visit me and see Japan. While she left this past weekend to go back to Toronto, my memories of those two Thai women remain, as I dated them separaretly, and then together for the best time I've ever had with members of the opposite sex.

Ashely's soup is actually pretty good. We sit around on her tatami mat (grass mat) floors and just talk. About stuff.

When I leave at 9:30PM, we hug and I give her a peck on the lips. I suppose it's a start... or is it theh beginning of the end?

I'm home by 10PM. I do some laundry, clean out my fridge and vacuum the place. It finally looks spic and span clean again after a couple of months.

I'm in bed by 12:30AM knowing that I happily skipped exercising today because of my dinner with Ashley. I'd trade some push-ups by myself for some push-ups with her any day. Even though nothing like that happened. A guy has to start somewhere.

Somewhere starting a new year,
Andrew Joseph
Today's blog is by: The Black Eyed Peas: WOO-HOO! It's either about a new school year about me starting with Ashley again. Or with someone else.  
Today's drawing at the top was done by the art teacher Matsu-sensei. This guy drew a caricature of myself with White-Out! I looks just like me - complete with 5 o'clock shadow at 10AM! He also stamped it with his hanko (Japanese ink signature). I have it glued into my diary on the front inside cover. Thank-you sensei. You know sensei means teacher, right?    

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