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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer & Softball & Prostituition

This blog has been a popular source of information (and too much information about myself, perhaps) the past week and a half, thanks to Japan and the U.S. going head to head in the finals of two Women's World Cup events - soccer and softball. 

While we all know Japan defeated the U.S on penalty kicks in soccer in a dramatic upset, a lot of people also wanted to find out some information on the USA extracting revenge on Japan in softball. 

All Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife can say is: Thanks for coming to check out the stories. Not too many sites had any sort of roster data for the women's soccer. No one else mentioned Japan winning a few other trophies at the soccer tourney, and certainly few news agencies  were even aware that there was a World Cup softball tournament going on.

Sports coverage (at least here in North America) has been found lacking ... and I'm glad to have been a source of information and amusement.

I find it difficult to believe that here in Toronto, with six daily newspapers: Toronto Star; Globe & Mail; National Post; Toronto Sun; 24; and Metro; plus three major 24-hour sports television stations - that there was no coverage of the World Cup of Softball tournament - and I mean zilch, zero, nada. 

If you wanted to watch the softball final - you had to have ESPN3 - a television specialty channel.... something not generally available in Canada unless you pay a premium for it. Even to watch a live stream of it on the ESPN3 website, I had to hook up with my Internet provider - which I was unable to do because the provider - the largest in Canada (they also own one of the sports stations and Toronto Blue Jays baseball team - was not on the list of providers that ESPN3 recognized. 

The rant is not against all of the sports channels and newspapers.... they do what they do and do it well. I'm sure a Hooter's waitress beauty pageant is considered a sport.  .. just like the making of the Sports Illustrated SwimSuit issue (magazine) that is an hour long show on TV. 

Yes... men like women.

However... if I could say this without sounding like a sexist pig... the Women's World Cup of soccer was played with such fervor, passion and skill, I forgot I was watching women. I was watching soccer players.

Because I was unable to watch the softball game on TV, I can not make that same statement - but I bet it was awesome.

Here's my point. On this blog, Prior to the World Cup of Softball final this past Monday July 25, my all-time four top-rated blog articles all dealt with Japan's triumph in soccer the week previous. No surprise.

But now... nine days later, one of the softball stories has taken over 4th place.  

It has now had more hits than my previous #5 blog entry on Japanese schoolgirl prostitutes.

Really? More than schoolgirl prostitutes? That's number 6 now.  

That's the power of sports... or it it really the power of women? I'm actually quite impressed with my readership.

Keep reading! Always more to come!

Andrew Joseph


  1. There was a softball game too? Didn't hear about it in Japan.

  2. Oh, I just checked. You're right. There was a softball game... The USA won. Big deal! They beat a bunch of girls!

  3. I know you are being funny and aren't Mi-ku Ra-gahzu supotsuman,but the level of play in the World Cups of soccer and softball was fantastic! I've watched some 12-year-old girls play softball for the Ontario, Canada team - and holy crap - they are good. They could beat the heck out of many an adult men's baseball team! And... you are wrong... they beat a bunch of women - playing a kid's game. That's what sports is, eh? Books are in the mail!