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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yakuza vs USA - A True Story

Hi all... my friend Mike has written a pretty interesting piece on the USA's decision to wipe out the Yakuza.

Geez... first the war on drugs. Them the war on poverty (what did the poor ever do to the US? - that was a joke). The war on illegal immigrants - especially if you are Mexican. The war against those who have weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to go in and get some oil. The war against violence. The war against war.

Look... excluding those who get invaded or attacked, I know we respect the USA and its decision to act as a global policeman... but the Yakuza? How about we (Canada is an ally of the USA) pick a war we can win... like that one back in 1983 when it took over Grenada. The US incursion occurred after a coup had overthrown the old socialist leader. Why did it attack tiny little Grenada? Apparently it was building an airport with help from Cuba - which Grenada claimed was for tourism. Then president Ronald Reagan said it was for Soviet use. Nyet, nyet Soviet! (roughly translated as No, no Ruskies!) Shortly thereafter, the USA announced that it would help finish the airport... to develop tourism. Maybe the US just felt slighted it wasn't asked for help first.

By the way... there's a Time Life series of books - 24 of them  - on the Attack on Grenada. One book for each hour it took to take-over Grenada.

Yakuza? Pshaw. This one will be a comic book miniseries.Hell... it sounds like one already. Heads-up US. Beware of tattooed men with perms who might be missing a finger.  READ ON.

Andrew Joseph
PS: There's no Time Life series on the US attack against Grenada. But it does sound like something that publisher would have done!

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