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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gamarjobat - Japanese Comedians

Okay... Matthew must be working hard today because here's another video he's sent me. This is of the Japanese comedic duo Gamarjobat.

It's very simple but honest comedy, but man, oh man, is it damn funny!

This is one of the reasons why comedy is truly international!


Gamarjobat (が〜まるちょば) are an award-winning comedy performance group made up of two very funny Japanese comics: Ketch! (41) with the red mohawk and Hiro-Pon (45) with the yellow mohawk. I believe the caps and the exclamation mark are the way they spell their names. I wish I knew their real names and where in Japan they are from, however. Ages, too? These buggers look and act like some of my ex-students!

So... what does Gamarjobat mean? Well, the comics have gone on record saying it means 'hello' in the Georgian language as in Georgia the country). Well, maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. t.

I tried Google Translate and it gave me nothing (and it's been pretty decent for me so far)... but, I did discover that it might be a Georgian word.... meaning "everything and anything".

That's a cool term and an even cooler comedic name. But doesn't it kind of make you wonder where the heck a pair of Japanese comedians would ever discover a Georgian word? As far as I know, the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme does not yet have AETs (assistant English teachers) from Georgia yet!

Still, despite being reasonably well-known in the UK where they one a Fringe award, they are not very popular back in Japan. Probably because all Japanese junior high school kids do their brand of comedy.

Thanks Matthew!

Andrew Joseph

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  1. you could not find anything on google translate, because officially GAMARJOBAT is gramatically incorrect on georgian. correct is GAMARJOBA (გამარჯობა) which is georgian word, means hello and coming from another georgian word - GAMARJVEBA ( გამარჯვება) which means victory.