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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello Kitty Gets A Face-Lift

Because I'm either lazy, or I've been working my butt off creating a fantastic blog entry that either everyone will flock to or no one will, I haven't spent enough time writing an entry of my own for Sunday midnight. Actually, I did do that hot looking one featuring race car driver Danica Patrick - so that took up nearly two hours of my day (10 minutes to write and 1 hour and 50 minutes to stare at the photo)... so I'm going to present a blog entry by one of the other Japan bloggers:
It involves two items I could care less about, but still each has a following of millions upon millions. The fact that I could care less about each topic probably dictates why prior to this month I never broke more than 10,000 hits in a month. This month (September), I have over 15,000 hits with just under two weeks to go, so it's been good. Still... can this blog help achieve some sort of great viral mess?

Click HERE to read this blog on Swarovski crystal and Hello Kitty. It's a blog created by Japan Sugoi (Fantastic/Wonderful Japan) and it seems to have every other blog entry featuring a sexy Japanese woman. My idea from about a day ago. Again... it's why I haven't yet nailed how to reach a broader audience.

Still... for those of you that do read on a regular basis... thank-you.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Andrew, I love your blogs! I've been a huge fan of, 'It's a wonderful rife' from its inception and looked forward to the Tatami Times every month. Andrew, you wrote some hilarious pieces which helped keep me sane and extremely entertained. You were one of the funniest, extraordinary and craziest people I had the pleasure of meeting in Japan. In amongst all the pretentious, phoney, cultured and elitistt JETS, there was you. Real, out there and yourself. One of the funniest stories I still tell all my friends was a night you and I went nuts whilst heavily intoxicated at a conference. Lets just say, I would have loved to have seen peoples faces when they developed their photos. Thank god there was no CCTV footage of our escapades that night. Do you remember what we got up to?
    Looking forward to more blogs. Jim Paliouras, Melbourne, Australia

  2. Hey Jim! Holy smokes! How could I ever forget the best soccer player I ever met who taught me the key word 'bandit'. I remember that night - it beats me how! But I do!
    Hey... use the e-mail address at the top right and e-mail me!
    Yeah... those photos... do you know HOW we ended up inside that taxidermy exhibit?