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Monday, December 21, 2015

Miss Universe Japan National Costumes - Updated December 21 2015

Because I care, here's a photo gallery of Miss Universe Japan from 2002 - 2014 in their Japanese National Costume.

The 2015 Miss Universe event will be held on December 20, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - odd that the 2014 pageant was held on January 25, 2015  - which means that the 2014 winner only got to be Miss Universe for LESS than one year... slightly less than 11 months in fact.

And... because a reader cared enough to share that I actually had the wrong photo in for 2005, I spent over one hour searching for a photograph of Yukari Kazuya, Miss Japan 2005 in her National Costume. So... I am proud to state now... all of the costumes shown here are indeed representative of the Miss Universe Japan contestants!

If you give me a few days, I will try and get an image of the 2015 Miss Universe Japan National Costume that will be showcased later tonight.

Ariana Miyamoto

Considering what the other contestants were trotting out, this outfit is tame and unexciting. Also... can they pull her hair back anymore? Ridiculous colors, too. And yet, she still came in 10th place overall in the competition!

Keiko Tsuji
Why hide the body? Give us a side slit or two! It is, in my opinion, reminiscent of the 2006 contestant who actually won the event's Best National Costume. I do NOT think that the 2014 costume is as daring or as sexy as the 2006 version.

Yukimi Matsuo 
Came in 4th for Best National Costume award.

Ayako Hara

Maria Kamiyama
5th Runner-Up for best National Costume. It's my second-favorite. 

Maiko Itai

Emiri Miyasaka

Here's the 2009 Miss Universe Japan National competition full-costume worn by Emiri Miyasaka:
The Noh demon mask was an interesting touch, but hiding her pretty face was stupid.

Hiroko Mima
Top 15 pageant finisher, but not for the costume, which was nice, actually.

Riyo Mori
Was Miss Universe 2007.

Kurara Chibana
Won best National Costume at 2006 Miss Universe Pageant, and was 1st Runner-up Miss Universe. My favorite costume, too, obviously.

Yukari Kazuya

Eri Machimoto

Miyako Miyazaki
Was the 4th Runner-Up in the pageant, but not for the National costume.

Mina Chiba

And that's all for now until the actual Miss Universe 2015 pageant declares a winner.


Andrew Joseph


  1. It isn't Yukari Kuzuya's National costume @ Miss Universe 2005, it's natcos of Miss Japan @ Miss International I guess

    1. Thanks! I'll look into that! I appreciate your sharp eyes!