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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Search For Tsunami Victims

Miyagi Police start new search for tsunami victims.
The Daily Yomiuri newspaper has reported that police in Miyagi-ken have begun a search for additional bodies of people who lost their lives on March 11, 2011 following the 30 metre high tsunami spawned by the 9.0 Magnitude earthquake.

The police are conducting a two-day highly intensive search for victims.

Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife hopes families of those missing will finally achieve some measure of closure from this. But, this blogger wonders if the sudden 2-day search might have been brought about by a recent discovery of remains. It hasn't been reported, but it seems like a logical assumption - especially since this particular search does NOT coincide with any particular anniversary or with Obon or with any Japanese Buddhist traditions.

If any one has information as to why this search is going on NOW, this blogger would appreciate a heads up.

Andrew Joseph

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  1. I hate the earthquake and tsunami. It's much worse.