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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hotel Radioactivity To Open In Fukushima

Okay... This seems a little hard to believe, but there's a Japanese dude intent on building a hotel in Fukushima-ken (Fukushima Prefecture) - where the Dai-ichi nuclear reactor facility nearly suffered through a couple of meltdowns, but managed to spew a lot of dangerous radioactive Cesium up into the air, water and ground - to prove that radiation is not dangerous to the human body.

According to Soejima Takahhiko (surname first), he believes that by building his Hotel Radioactivity or what he also calls a Health Land, that he will be able to prove that people can actually receive a health benefit from the hormesis effect of low-level radiation.

Radiation hormesis is a theory that states that low levels of ionizing radiation (more than standard background radiation that we are constantly bombarded with everyday), is something that can be beneficial to the human body. It is theorized that it can stimulate the repair mechanisms with the human body to help it better protect against diseases. It is thought that these repair mechanisms that are started by the extra radiation will also be strong enough to cancel the harmful effects of the extra radiation and will also cancel any harmful effects of ionizing radiation but will also help the body fight diseases.

Sounds wacky, but legitimate scientists think this is possible.

Back in 2005,  the French Academy of Sciences - National Academy of Medicine reported that hormesis works.

But, even now, no one is sure if it will work outside the laboratory - in real life. Soejima thinks it will, and feels that by building the Hotel Radioactivity, it will prove this hypothesis correct.  

Soejima writes on his website that:

"Since the beginning of the nuclear accident in March, our group has done a tremendous job in Fukushima, dispatching the objective news and writing "Such a ultra-minute amount of radiation does not harm human body". However, [these idiots] are still not convinced, and continue to spew their stupid words of radiation phobia."

Sounds like he is serious about hormesis.

Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife feels it is our duty to at least give everyone a heads-up - a warning - when checking into a hotel in Fukushima-ken. It sounds a lot like the Roach Motel product... guests check in, but they don't check out.

Look... we understand that science likes to investigate things. We're cool with that. But to do your tests on human beings - at this stage of the hypothesis? No.  More tests are needed, and more years are needded to ensure that the test subjects - mice, rats, whatever - are not going to get sick months or years later. Cancer has a nasty habit of showing up years after exposure. As well, what about mental illness? Can you test animals for that? Will you? And for yourself, too please?

Okay, that last sentence was unfair... but seriously, can someone tell me what is considered TOO much radiation?

Okay... the theory is not without some interesting things. Human beings have been using toxins to create anti-toxins for centuries. The same for vaccinations... flu shots will give us a fever after - why, because each flu shot actually contains a bit of the flu virus. Same for small pox, chicken pox, you name it.

Want to steel yourself against a poison, many people actually ingest small doses of poison on a daily basis. Yes it weakens then, but then it helps them develop  - not an immunity - but rather it makes them less susceptible to the effects of a stronger dose of poison... it makes our immune systems stronger.

It sounds a lot like what radiation hormesis and Soejima are trying to do.

All this blog can say is this: You go first.

We'll follow - in the first car behind the ambulance.
By Andrew Joseph


  1. Great! I've been looking for a place where I can relax and get the waves of radiation that I have always wanted!
    Good results?
    1) I'll finally have some who will see eye to eye with me when I grow a second head.
    2) With that second head, I'll finally have someone intelligent to argue with.
    3) I love books and reading so I'll be able to double my reading speed. I've always wanted to really read "War & Peace" and not just skim the pages.

    Another advantage of this hotel? Don't need a microwave in the room as all the food is pre-nuked!

    Mmmmm! Free tanning salons in every room too!

  2. Yeah, MIke! Two heads are better than one... unless one is evil... unless of course the first head was evil, too... now you have two evil heads... or a new goody-goody one... which would suck if you were evil.