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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Most Stairs Climbed On Head

Okay... about a month back I presented you with a list of some of Japan's more bizarre world records (see HERE) ... but this one just might top them all.

It involves a Buddhist monk using his noggin to move up stairs - no hands or feet touching a surface. It's awesome.

Oh... just as an aside... I watched the video, and each time his head the stair, a little "ding" went off... I thought it was head to stairs - instead it was the TV show adding the sound effect to change the counter in the bottom right of the video.

I think it's so cool that a Buddhist monk can take so much time out of his busy schedule to 1) show the world this skill, and; 2) to admit that he even thought that this would be a great skill to learn.

Shouldn't he be praying or something?

Does anyone else feel that it's odd that stair climbing via the head has its own world record? How many other monks are doing this? Is it a temple versus temple thing?Maybe they could show monks battling it out playing table tennis, while standing on their heads and using their ears as paddles.

Okay... I jest... but still, this is an awesome video and show off some fantastic dexterity +5, like he's a living incarnation of an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons character.

Somewhere I have a headache,
Andrew Joseph
PS: How the hell did I mis-spell Climbed with Climed? I do know how to spell but I don't know how to type.
True story. Let me tell you all about it... oh wait... I just did.

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