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Monday, December 24, 2012

Godzilla Christmas Tree - Updated

Geez! Don't let your kids see this!

Hell... it's mine!!!!

Andrew Joseph

I published this pic last year - but it's one of my favorite entries, so to speak, that I couldn't let the year pass without it seeing the light of day once again.

I have no idea where this smoke exhaling Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree was in place, but I can only hope it was in Japan... at least the folks in the top corner lead me to believe it to be true.

Although this photo was indeed popular worldwide, Caroline was the one who sent me a link to it. And now, for reasons only know to the gods of the Internet, whenever my blog opens up, the original entry back on December 9, 2011 is the first thing I see.

Strange, isn't it? It almost makes me want to throw open the doors and go Caroling down the street. Y'know, I once had a girlfriend who called me Godzilla... it may have been my radioactive breath or the fact that I enjoyed thrashing tanks with my tail. Whatever.

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you people who have made my life a living hell with this blog by encouraging me.

To you all - and I'm going to be politically incorrect here - Merry Christmas and thanks for being a part of my life and my rife.

Andrew Joseph 
PS: I'm still doing three-a-day blogs until the end of the year. So, keep on reading.  

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