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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Japan Broke But Can Buy A Fix

Here's an interesting piece I found today, April 24, 2012 on

In the article, the author Eamonn Fingleton, a contributing writer to Forbes, wonders aloud how it is that Japan is able to help bail out Europe, yet there is still the assumption that it is broker than a kid's toy two days after Christmas. (The grammar is on purpose.)

You can read that article here:

As well, according to a Reuters article from April 22, 2012, it was announced that Japan is forgiving the debt and overdue charges that Myanmar (or Burma, as U.K. news feeds continue to call it) had accumulated... to the tune of $3,720,000,000 (¥303.5 billion). 

You can read about the nice reasons for that here: 

So... is there a reason why Japan is being so nice to the world? Did it find a secret cache of Hitler's gold somewhere? Where is this money coming from? Is it printing it up willy-nilly secretly creating a hyper-inflation like in post WWI Germany where it was cheaper to wipe one's bum with a 1-million mark bill than to purchase a roll of toilet paper, or ALSO quite literally cheaper to burn money than buy fuel?    
 Why is Japan spending money on everyone but itself? I used to do that, and all it gets you is further in debt and a plethora of fair-weather friends and family with their hand out expectingly every time they see you. It sucks. You can buy a stairway to heaven, but it's a long way to climb!

Is Japan as broke as the media keeps saying it is? Does it have hidden money we know nothing about? Is it printing money and hoping things don't get out of hand? Is it making nice with everyone in case it needs a huge bailout soon?

A penny for your thoughts, Japan. I'd give you more, but I'm in debt.

By Andrew Joseph


  1. Hey, Andrew!
    I know Eamonn and we had lunch together the other day... Hw wanted my opinion as a "typical American" but I told him that I didn't think I fit the bill....

  2. This is just so weird... but then again, I should expect you to be a known commodity in the economic writing circles! It's a good story and certainly made me think. Do you have an opinion on all of this tossing of money about - I know you hate it!
    Also - how about the double-double entendre of my headline? 'Broke' with 2 meanings each relatd to 'buy' and to 'fix'. I kill me!