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Monday, April 23, 2012

Yokozuna Musashimaru And Brad Pitt

If Brad Pitt isn't the most handsome man on the planet, he's right up there. I'm not even remotely interested in men in a sexual manner, but wow.

And then there's my favorite all time sumo wrestler, the American Samoa-born Musahimaru Koyo who became a Yokozuna (the highest level of sumo wrestler) - he's not the most handsome man on the planet, but he is one of the most athletic, strongest and heaviest - that's what it means to be a great sumo.

So... imagine my surprise to discover that these two unlikely people performed in a pair of Japanese television commercials together.

Sure... why not? One of the most popular actors of our generation with one of the most popular sumo of our generation? Perhaps only in Japan (or maybe American Samoa).

The commercials are for Softbank (ソフトバンク株式会社 Sofutobanku Kabushiki-gaisha), a Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation, with operations in broadband, fixed-line telecommunications, e-Commerce, Internet, broadmedia, technology services, finance, media and marketing, and other businesses.

The commercials, which continue into each other are the brainchild of director Spike Jonez and are from 2009.

I believe there is only a single word uttered  - and that was in the second commercial, and not by Brad Pitt... when Musahsimaru says "Hai." (Yes).

It's amazing how even with a lack of words, the actions speak louder and the message is understood. Welcome to how I survived three years in Japan.

Matthew, my good friend whom I first met in Japan back in 1990, pointed me in the direction of these commercials - Thanks, buddy!   

Commercial 1:

Commercial 2:

Andrew Joseph

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