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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Godzilla Visits Tokyo Disneyland

I have no idea why I did this, but here's a picture of Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, wearing Mickey Mouse ears while running after his brat of a son at Tokyo Disneyland. This is the last known picture of Tokyo Disneyland before it was destroyed in a monster-like rage of poor parenting.

Now... I have been to Tokyo Disneyland - actually located in Chiba-ken (Chiba Prefecture) and NOT Tokyo! - on three different occasions. I believed it rained each time I was there in keeping up with my title as Ame Otoko (Rain Man), yeah, definitely Ame Otoko.

Just so you know, Ame means 'rain', and it also means 'candy'... it all depends on which Kanji (Chinese-style alphabet) symbol is used. Otoko means 'man'.

When it rains, Tokyo Disneyland has been deserted and I never had to wait for a ride.  

In the photo above, I was reminded of this after a special friend of mine told me she was going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I just had to dig up this old photo of Godzilla just before he trashed the Japanese amusement park.

It reminds me that perhaps I should post a few pics from my visit to Tokyo Disneyland, pre-destruction, of course. Perhaps tomorrow. I was always there with women, and while I did not destroy Disneyland, I did my fair share of destroying after I left the place. I miss destroying things, and so I live vicariously through my pal Godzilla. While that may also be a nickname for my penis, in this case I actually mean the big lizard. No, not my penis. The King of the Monsters. No. Not my penis.

There's no way out of this joke. 

I'm sorry. I was very busy today. My back hurts - in a different spot from where it was hurting earlier this week - and the muscle relaxants are really kinda groovy... making me space out... like that Space Mountain ride at Disney  
Andrew Joseph

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