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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Play Nutcracker!

One of my favorite television show is Supernatural. It's kind of like the Hardy Boys meets The X-Files. I've been watching it from Day One and own all of the DVDs, but I do draw the line at joining any fan clubs. As Groucho Marx once said, "I would never join any club that would have me as a member."

The show involves brothers Sam and Dean Winchester hunting down demons and other monsters that roam the Earth. It sounds simplistic, but it is not. It's very entertaining (much to my buddy Mike Rogers' chagrin), and I do like it it a lot.

Anyhow... in this episode entitled Changing Channels from Season 5, Episode 8, the brothers are trapped in television land by a Djinn who enjoys screwing with the boys.

In the video I have here, the boys are thrust into a made-up Japanese television show called Nutcracker. Watch the video to see why:

I don't know about you women, but I'm pretty sure every guy out there had his gonads scrunch up nice and tight during Sam's breathtaking scene.

Yes, it is a parody... but I have watched enough Japanese television to know that the Japanese are dangerously amused by slapstick and/or physical comedy, and have indeed often parlayed that into some great, if not violently inane television.

Anyhow... not every episode is as wacky as this clip. Sometimes it is downright dark, what with a war between good and evil, the four horsemen, prophets, armageddon, Paradiso, Inferno and Purgatorio. Comedy, Pathos, Violence. What more do you want?  

Hope you enjoyed the video and might consider renting or purchasing the first season of Supernatural for some cool entertainment.  

Andrew Joseph 

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