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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Samurai Cuts Pellet Fired At Him - Video

I've seen some amazing things in my life that have made my jaw drop - mostly involving some stunning woman, but this one is something else. 

This video down below show's a Japanese man by the name of Machii Isao (surname first, I hope) who is able to draw his katana (Saumrai longsword) from its scabbard and hit a speeding BB Gun pellet fired at him from a distance of 70 feet away at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour (180 miles and hour). He literally has 3/10ths of a second to react, and boy does he! Let's roll clip and you can see for yourself:



That's pretty bad ass no matter how you slice it. 


He's basically hitting something that is quite literally traveling to fast for they eye to see. 


To repeat what that hot babe clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durasula said about him in the video: "This is about processing at an entirely different sensory level, because he's not visually processing this. This is a different level of anticipatory processing ..." 


He has the blade in its scabbard. As soon as he sees the pellet leave the gun, or hears it click indicating a shot is being fired - he reacts! He not only has to pull the blade clean from the scabbard, but has to see the pellet and get the blade to intercept it! Plus, if he feels any stress, he did it in front of a camera crew. 


Now, what is not seen is how many times he had to try to hit it - but something tells me this guy is super-human, and that he did it on the first take. 


Dude can be my bodyguard any day - you know, to stop the husbands and boyfriends from coming after me for seeing the amazing things their women are doing with me in my head. 


For your viewing entertainment, here's a Japanese television show that Machii-san appeared on: 



While  I can't find any details on just who this guy is, why he knows what he knows et al, but I do know that he holds four Guinness World Records for speedwork with his katana, including one he did on April 21, 2011 when he performed 252 quick cutting Makiwara in three minutes. A Maikwara is a cutting post used by swordsmen to perfect their art... so essentially, it attacked a post and made 252 hits in 180 seconds. 

That's pretty amazing considering one would begin to get tired the longer one continues to thrust. That's just personal experience and has nothing to do with a samurai sword.

For more mind-blowing feats from the blade-master, check out his very own YouTube page: HERE


Andrew Joseph

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