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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Taoism, Sex And Japan

I recently wrote about the five belief systems of Japan - well, not really... I just kind of mentioned what they were. Anyhow, one of them was Taoism.

I'm not going to get completely into it - have a topic in mind.

Taoism is a Chinese belief system brought to Japan in about the 6th century BC.

While Taoism has long been popular, the sexual aspects of Taoism were extremely popular during the time of the shogun 1600s-1868.

Ever heard of tantric sex? Tao now, brown cow.Tantric sex is a way of extending sexual intercourse and improving one's sexual stamina. But... it is a lot more than just that. In Taoism, one knows that the world is made up of divine energy.

But, since this topic is about sex, know that there is divine energy for sex. Ever heard of the ying and the yang? Sure you have. It's the symbol below.

These are the essences contained in the male and female bodies. These essences are supposed to be kept in perfect balance through sexual intercourse.

I knew it! A reason for living that is actually fun!

Having sex, according to Taoist beliefs was what one needed for good physical health.

What is this essence? Well, in case you were wondering, men and women are supposed to be able to produce a liquid known as jing.

What is jing? Well, it's a fluid exchange that occurs during sex.

Yes, a man's semen, but a woman's juices as well.

Taoism says that a man only has so much jing in him, and death occurs when one runs out. Come again?

Let's see... if I come alot, I will die when I run out of jing.

And if I don't spill my jing during sex, my health will go and I will die.

I'm screwed if I screw, and I'm screwed if I don't screw.

The only way to make sure I live is by having sex, and then finding a way to replenish my jing.

Fortunately... there is a way to replenish my jing.

Taoism says that you can have lots of sex to give yourself health... but what if you don't ejaculate?

Then you keep your jing, while gaining health!

This is why it is good to keep the sex going without ejaculation. This is what tantric sex tries to teach people.

For some additional fun, check out this adult blog written by Mister Manfred Man that tells you how to achieve the male multiple orgasm: HOW TO SURVIVE WOMEN.

For the Japanese, just like for myself, having longer sexual liaisons was an exhausting affair. One needed to take breaks and replenish one's fluids. That's what the gentleman is doing in the ukiyo-e (shunga) print at the very top - having a spot of tea.

For myself, I would often stop in mid-sex to grab a drink, have an ice cream - whatever. The point was to prolong the sexual pleasure between myself and whomever it was that I was boffing at the moment. I was turning Japanese, but I didn't know so.

Of course, women gained strength and vitality from a man's jing, and men also gained jing from a woman's juices. The problem is that most women don't really provide enough jing to keep a man alive and in good health.

The answer? A man should have as much sex with as many women as possible. It was even more effective if the man had sexual intercourse with more than one woman at a time.

Man, I love Japan. Man, I love Taoism.

Everybody's happy because everybody's getting laid. No wonder I felt like crap in Japan when I wasn't having sexual intercourse.

Files compiled by Andrew Joseph who is feeling kind of run-down right now.

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