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Friday, June 8, 2012

Japanese Women Getting Older Before Having First Child

Here's a great story from the Japan Times, June 7, 2012, that - Stop The Presses! - the average age of new mothers in Japan has risen to over 30 for the first time!

Does this imply that the role of women in Japanese society is changing, too? Not just baby machines that look after the house and husband? That women fresh out of school can actually be hired for a job and can actually expect to be around longer than a few years before getting married and knocked up?   

Yes. Yes it does.

Click HERE to read the Japan Times article.

Here's a Japanese language You Tube clip on the news:

The photo image above, is the lovely Furuya Hitomi (surname first), a Japanese singer-songwriter, who is 33-years-old on the album cover of Love Life 2, her ninth studio album. She looks hot.

Andrew Joseph

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  1. need a little more about the singer