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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A New York Yankee Checks Out Sumo

Major League Baseball's Curtis Granderson Jr., a center fielder (currently) with the New York Yankees is anything but fat, and is actually a baseball athlete who looks like an athlete.

Recently, Granderson, as part of the MLB (Major League Baseball) International Ambassador Program, was in Japan checking out a sumo beya (stable), practicing some poses under the watchful eye of sumo wrestlers and then checked out one of their practices. 

As an MLB international ambassador since 2006, Granderson has traveled to England, Italy, Holland, South Africa, China, New Zealand and now Japan in an attempt to help baseball grow worldwide.

Thanks Curtis, but I'm pretty damn sure that the Japanese are not in any help in growing baseball, as evidenced by the Yankees continued signing of Japanese baseball stars.

Still, even though I am a Yankee hater (sue me... I'm a Pittsburgh Pirates and Toronto Blue Jays fan - Pirates since 1973 when the first pack of baseball cards I opened had a team photo in it; and Blue Jays because I am a local), I respect Curtis for getting out there and trying new things and having fun doing it.

Andrew Joseph

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