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Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Politely Order A Beer

At the Gaijinpot website, I recently came across a blog offering a catchword phrase for the out and a bout gaijin (foreigner) to learn when traveling around the bars.

It asks the question, 'What do you order first when you visit a Japanese pub?'

Apparently, the catch phrase is: 'Toriaezu beeru!' which means 'Beer for now.'

The writer would have you believe that if one was to enter a crowded bar, you're not sure what you want to drink and you can't ask for a menu, this is what you say.

Toriaezu beeru.

Y'know... for that first round I might just say 'Beeru onagaishimasu.' Beer please. Just to be polite. Because I am polite.

Beer for now? Ugh. If you must say 'beer for now', at least say it politely: Toriaezu beeru onagaishimasu.

Now... the blog does offer some better tips You can see for yourself HERE - because who is going to a bar to drink by themselves?

I have... but that's because I wanted to be by myself... ergo if the bar was crowded, I would find one that wasn't crowded.

I guess ordering a 'beer for now' does imply that you will be drinking more - but to be honest, the waitress already knew that. You are a gaijin in a bar. By yourself... you have come to drink. And... if you came with others, you and the group will probably drink a lot or just the one round as you go off to wherever it is people go to have fun... so beer for now would not be appropriate in that case.

Whatever... just make sure you say please. Be a gaijin, but don't forget that gaijin can have manners.

Andrew Joseph

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