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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Well, well... will wonders never cease... my wife who never reads my writing gave me a lead on a possible story, asking me if I have ever heard of the Japandroids.

WTF are the Japandroids? She had no clue, which means I have to find out, just to see if she happened to coin a new term or if there really is something called Japandroids.

Turns out the Japandroids are a Canadian rock and roll duo from Vancouver, British Columbia, consisting of David Prowse and Brian King.

Now... some of you geeks are wondering aloud to yourself as you brush of the crumbs of pork rinds from your 20 year old 'Han Shot First' t-shirts... David Prowse... wasn't he the guy who played Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies? Yes... David Prose did play the body of Darth Vader (but not the face and definitely not the voice!)... but this is NOT the same David Prowse.

Formed in 2006, Japandroids got noticed after their first album Post-Nothing in 2009. Anyhow... these guys are rock... sorta punkish...

Here... have a listen to them: The House That Heaven Built.

If it doesn't work... just Google them on YouTube...

The name Japandroids came from two other band name ideas: Japanese Scream (from Prowse) and Pleasure Droids (from King).

Andrew Joseph


  1. Greetings AJ,

    Found your column inadvertently. Enjoyed your writings. This song is way better that some other jDroids I've heard. Good to see them getting better!

    By the way, I'm Adam. I just didn't want to link up at the moment. Keep up the fun writing. The Doritos piece was great.

    1. Hey Adam! Thanks for taking the time to write in. I appreciate the kudos! Really!
      Have you ever seen them?