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Monday, December 17, 2012

Japanese Baseball Gets Andruw Jones-ed

I've always been intrigued by any guy who spells 'Andrew' as 'Andruw', and have long followed the career of baseball player Andruw Jones... who is now, in the twilight of his career, heading to Japan.

Showing that he and I are heading in opposite directions, I started my career in Japan, and Jones looks to be winding it down there.

Jones has also finalized a US $3.5-million one-year contract, whereas I have not.

The contract is with Japan Pacific League's Rakuten Eagles who could use his bat, as they lead both Japanese baseball leagues in homerun futility only swatting 52 dingers in 2012.

Jones, 35, has been one of MLB's (Major League Baseball's) marquee players, a five-time All-Star outfielder, winner of 10 consecutive Gold Gloves (1998-2007), and has 434 HRs over his 17-year career in the MLB.

Despite those lofty numbers, Japan is getting a ballplayer looking to redeem himself, as his numbers last year were hardly inspiring: BA (batting average): .197, 14 HR in 94 games with the New York Yankees in 2012.

So... at least when he makes contact, he seems to be hitting them out of the park... I think Jones, and the Eagles are hoping Japan's smaller ballparks will mean a few more flyball outs turning into HRs.

It's worth a shot.

And, while I'm not sure if ability to spell is worth the disparity in income between us, I wish Jones good luck in 2013.

Andrew Joseph

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