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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Japanese Television Killing Japan Internationally

Taken out of context, the above photo would make the Japanese look like a bunch of idiots.

However... when I found this image on the Internet, it wasn't taken out of context because it does indeed make the Japanese look like a bunch of idiots.

Welcome to stupid Japanese television crap.

Look... I have a great sense of humor. I really do. Ask me, I'll tell ya.

When I lived in Japan, there was a lot of interesting stuff on television. It wasn't good, but it was interesting. It was like it was an eye into Japanese cultural myths. Myths like the one that said the Japanese were a bunch of stiff guys in suits with no sense of humor.

Obviously you need a sense of humor to appreciate the humor of taking a pantyhose and draping it over the head of a very attractive Japanese woman and pulling it tight around her to make her look ugly.

It is funny... for a second... and then it's quite sad. These type of sophomoric funnies are actually things a kid might do. So... are the Japanese childish people?

No. But Japanese television sure is.This is what the world sees. Make it stop. Let's see some real comedy.

Where are you Shimura Ken? You made me laugh with real comedy.

We need fewer Japanese shows with stupid comedy and more with real comedy. I leave that up to the networks and beg them to create something with more intelligence. It is possible.

Andrew Joseph

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