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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Japan's Pulls Out Its Peacekeepers From Golan Heights

Citing increased trouble in Syria's Golan Heights, Japan is pulling out its peacekeeping force, according to Japan's chief cabinet secretary Fujimura Osamu (surname first).

The Golan Heights are occupied by Israel, and while Japan's peacekeepers have been active in helping keep the peace in the area since 1974, Japan thinks it is now getting too dangerous in the area for the 50-man unit under United Nations control.

The unit will return back to Japan within one month's time.

As an aside, the whole Middle East debacle and it's constant wars of aggression and hate are an incredible look at just how stupid human beings can be. These people have been fighting for thousands of years over a hunk of rock that nobody in their right mind should want - except that it belongs to 'them'. Whoever 'them' is.

It doesn't even matter who is right or wrong anymore. It's just a simple matter of hate for the other. Sad, really. It's so sad that people around the world simply shrug their shoulders and shake their collective head... what, the Middle east thing? Still? Whatever.

I feel sorry for the regular people who are constantly under strife, who will never know a normal life. How normal a life is it to toss a rock at a tank?

Sitting here in my warm house in the middle of a Canadian December, my biggest problem is wondering just why my dishwasher has sprung a leak... not wondering if someone next door is going to launch a rocket at someone else. How effing sad a life is that?

Andrew Joseph

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