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Friday, December 21, 2012

Neatest Raker

You have to like this photograph.

I found this at

I like this picture, but I question its authenticity.

Now... not only do we see a smiling Japanese guard, but we see some of the neatest raking I have ever seen... or do we?

Yeah, yeah... a lovely star and a lovely heart made out of leaves... but what about the leaves he has dumped over to the left?!

Hoping we wouldn't see his half-assed job! Whose grandfather is that? They should hang their head in shame.

Just kidding around... but I'll tell you... the whole thing seems contrived... it's autumn - the photo was first posted one month ago - and the leaves have fallen... but that crappy old broom... there's no way he gets such perfect shapes from that... the leaf colors contain two shades of yellow and that's it... and there is no wind during the entire time an old man spends raking the leaves into these two shapes. And look at the perfectly straight angle on the heart's top... everyone knows it should be convex... and yet... the rays on the star are rounded...

It's possible... highly unlikely.. but possible.

Perhaps the old man has no idea how mankind's representation of a star or a heart should really look. A star is round and flaming, and a heart is bulgy and full of blood, muscle and a bit of fat.

I'm just saying that it looks less staged and more 'adjusted'.

Maybe I have too little faith. It's probably because I didn't get my Christmas wish last year. Maybe this time. I've tried to be naughty, but instead remained good. 

Oh well... I think I just feel guilty because I didn't rake a single leaf this Fall. It'll protect the grass by providing insulation and will become the best fertilizer in the Spring. I hope. Crap. Maybe I should have hired the old guard.

Andrew Joseph

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