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Monday, December 31, 2012

Say Hello To My Little Friend

On a different note...

When I lived in Japan, it was the first time since I turned three-years-old that I did not have a dog beside me.

For my three years in Japan - no dog. It drove me nuts. I filled the loneliness with a string of sexual romps with girlfriends and fiances and even (shudder) women whose names I no longer recall. And through it all... I would have traded it all for the company of a dog. Okay... no, I wouldn't have. But I do love my dogs.

I would have got a dog as a pet while in Japan, but I was always on the go in Japan and was never sure if it would be fair to the creature... so I tried to put the thought out of mind... to forget... so I drank and picked up women. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Here in Toronto, Canada as I write this, my dog Buster is approaching 11-years-of-age. He's a Chocolate Labrador. He's a pain in the ass and either the stupidest dog I've ever known, or the smartest. That's his mugshot up above.

Check out this true story I wrote on him HERE at Storylane. Apparently I have 1,674 followers who dig my short stories. Yeah... I write a lot.

Anyhow... an interlude from Japan, because Buster is going to die soon enough, and I am praying he dies before I have to take him in and have him put down.

I'm writing this in the early hours of December 30, 2012... and he's already puked once before I could get him out, and has gone out into the cold snow at least 7 times in the past two hours. When he was healthier, he would never leave the couch after 9PM when I'd give him a treat...

But today... man... he has me worried. He's not in pain... but after spending 10 minutes outside, he scratches at the door to come in... and then he sits... staring at nothing... refusing to lie down... then getting up and walking about.... I really should have cut his nails... I can hear then on the hardwood floors... he's walking around... now nothing.... but... I just opened the door and he's just sitting there in the dark staring at me... it freaks me out...

Figuring it's his way of saying good-bye... I do the same by giving him a treat (it's his fourth one since 9PM!!!!)... he went away to eat it... and how he's back out side the door where I write this... could he be playing me? It's 2AM... why doesn't he just go and sleep on the couch? He's... he just puked a little... I let him out a again... I don't want to put him down... He just scratched to be let in... he runs in... sits... and stares... I yell at him to go and sleep, praying it's not the last thing I ever say to him.... he's lying asleep on the floor, not the couch.

He's driving me nuts. I don't know what he wants.... Man... don't you die on me yet, Buster. I hope he's asleep.

Andrew Joseph

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