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Thursday, December 6, 2012

State Of The Union

First off, my most excellent friend Matthew Hall, with whom we befriended each other in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan while on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme recently (moments ago) presented me with some awesome news.

His parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding Anniversary this year - which I did indeed know about! - but, in honor of that achievement, they received the above note from the President of the United States and his awesome babe of a wife, THE First Lady, congratulating them.

How cool is that? Pretty damn cool. Yes it may indeed be prefunctionary, but that fact is - the Hall's did more than survive 50 years of wedded bliss (easy to do when you love one another the way they did and do), but no matter what your political views, getting any sort of recognition from the so-called leader of the free world is spectacular.

It is. Recognition by people who remember the simple things in life - like your birthday... that's nice. But... ask me to my face what I got for my birthday. No... a card from the leader of your country... that's special.

So... what has that got to do with Japan? It's got everything to do with Matthew and his parents. Matthew lost his brother Andrew Joseph Hall (see the resemblance in names?) earlier this year, and not a day goes by when I don't think of him. I owe Matthew. Even if I'm not sure exactly what for, I just know I do.

More state of the union to address... November was the best month ever on this blog, which is good... I don't mind if things are at least stable or going up.... but losing readers... that means I'm not doing my job and presenting the type of stories that will attract readers.

A glance over to the right of this blog will show you the most popular blogs of the past seven days, as chosen by readers. Half of popular blogs are there because of the sex-starved degenerate perverts (like myself) who are interested in all things sex(y), while the other half are interested in other aspects of Japan.   

Robots are popular. Who knew? I thought I did and wrote a brief history of the timeline of Japanese robotics... but apparently no one cares about that. That's fine. But mention animated US television show Futurama and Bender the 'kiss my shiny metal ass' robot OR write about something that people all over the world want - a personal killing robotic transportation vehicle, and everybody wants to read about it.

Oh well... at least my love of history is repaid with some of you digging my history of the Mitsubishi Zero WWII airplane. Honestly... it's knowing that stuff like that... or the historical look at Ghost Island... stuff that took me days to research and days more to write... that makes me happy. So... thank-you for reading... whomever you are.

It is quite obvious that the majority of people who read this blog do so because they stumble across it while searching for data other than what I present on a daily basis, so THANKS Google! I know that because I only have 46 Followers, and one of them is me, one is my wife who doesn't ever read my blogs so I can write what I want without fear of anything, and a good friend in Illinois (home of the President of the USA), who also says he has no interest in Japan, but followed out of friendship. Oh well... at least he said he had no interest in Japan rather than saying he didn't like the way I write. To a writer, saying you don't like the way he/she writes is like saying you don't like them... but perhaps I am misconstruing what I am reading between the lines.

The lines are blurry after all. Never, ever write a personal blog after drinking the equivalent of four beers in an hour. This is what you get...

Still... we are currently averaging about 1800 hits a day.... with about 2200 more on that adult blog I do. That one only ha about 14 followers... so again, THANKS Google!

I have been on terminal burn-out for about a month now... but, excluding tonight's slips into wooziness, I have time again to write more. Google help us all.

And that is the State Of The Union.
Andrew Joseph
PS: I'm impressed that today I made fewer grammatical and spelling mistakes than usual. But I ramble more.