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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taking The Easy Way Out

Well... this is the 730th blog of 2012 for me, and boy are my arms tired.

My goal for the year was to average two blogs a day... and I have done it - unless my math is completely screwy. It's also my 1,620th blog on this site.

And... rather than produce a blog of meaning about Japan, I'm taking the easy way out and creating one that talks about me.

For example... a week ago I created an entirely new type of blog because evidently I don't do enough writing.

The new blog is called Pioneers of Aviation (, and is my attempt at creating the definitive history of man triumphing over air.

Those of you who have been around for a while reading these Japan-related blogs, have surely noticed that I write more than a few entries on aviation. (Yes, we have noticed, but don't call us Shirley). Yes, all have dealt with Japan, but you can tell I spend more than my fair share of time on them... and I think I've done a pretty decent job.

And... while women and comic books are usually a helluva lot more interesting to me, I already do a blog on how to survive women - it's there at the side of this blog under favorites - and while I am now hard at work penning a short tale for a comic book company in the UK... or is it the USA? - I am no longer a comic book fiend, as economics have regrettably curtailed that habit of some 50 books a month to about two a month whenever it is I actually visit the store every few months. Oh... how the mighty have fallen.

And so... I write about something I have little to no knowledge about - aviation.

Sounds stupid, eh? One should only write about what one knows. Apparently that's one of the so-called rules of writing. Total BS of course, as people have been writing fiction and science fiction for some time now.

But... I'm not the type to make up tales. I actually have a healthy respect for history... which was why I originally wanted to create Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife... to reveal my own personal history... but, Japan has it's own history, and if there's one thing I enjoy more than talking about myself, it's learning about others and other things.

So I research the hell out of things. I do my best to write short little tales, but dammit, after researching, I often find minutiae to be fascinating and constantly add it in. The more I learn, the more I write, because I like to share.

If you and I met, I would probably regale you with some stupid detail you have never heard before. Sad but true. I did it yesterday evening at a party, having two other husbands caught near me as I spun tale after tale after tale - and listened to their tales... thank goodness they shared, else I would have grown bored and left to find their wives... hey... waitaminute!

And so... a blog about the history of flight.

Because I like to do things differently, one might expect such a blog to begin with the Wright Brothers... nope... I have them planned at around the 50th entry (lots to research and I have pages of notes I need to shorten... instead, I am basing the whole thing on several sets of tobacco collector cards from 1910.

Strange, huh? But a set from 1910 - just a few years after the Wright Brothers took flight might actually have more obscure knowledge tacked on to it than you might think. And it does. It also contains mystery.

Stuff I have never heard off, and I doubt history makes much mention of again. Stuff that has already set my curious mind racing.

I have already presented one story based on the cards, and another that should have been. And... with each card I examine closely for more historical details, the more I get to delve into musty and dusty books and old newspapers at the library. Holy crap! You'd think I was getting paid to do this. But no... like this Japan blog, it's a labor of love... or at least yet another way to quench the insatiable thirst for knowledge I have.

Won't someone drag me out of this despicable quest for knowledge?

No? Okay... then at least join me and the other three visitors who have read the Pioneers of Aviation blog and soothe my savage brow.

Anyhow... after the next days Rifes... I promise to get back to more diary of a wimpy gaijin stuff, and do more news stories with my opinion tossed in, and do more historical papers on stuff no one wants to read about, provide you with notes on places and things to do in Japan, and more articles about sexy Japanese women.

And... if you really want to help out a writer who's down on his luck, you could pen an article or send in a photo with a Japanese locale... Most of the 1000s of photos I have, I... well... pretty much forgot to write down where the hell I took them, and so I often have no idea what it is I am looking at. Apparently 20 years ago, the writer was good at keeping copious notes on his life, but forgot to do the same with his photos.

Andrew Joseph

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