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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tentacle Rape Can Be Fun

I know... even I feel weird writing the above sentence with the words 'rape' and 'fun' in it, but I will admit that despite the catchy headline, it is not my opinion.

Now... the first thing we have to realize is that this blog topic is talking about animation pornography involving the sub-genre of tentacle rape (shokushu goukan) which involves animated women figures being kidnapped and vaginally, anally and orally raped by a tentacled monster that is either a mutant, extra-terrestrial or demonic in nature. It's pretty rare that it actually involves a cephalopod like an octopus, or squid.    

However... we are talking about Japan... so men visualizing a woman having sex with a tentacled creature is not out of the question. Below is a Japanese ukiyo-e masterpiece drawn in the shunga-style of porn created by renowned ukiyo-e artist Hokusai Katsushika (surname first), more famous for his fantastic Thirty-Six Views Of Mt. Fuji (see my blog HERE) which will direct you to my Picassa photo album.

This is Tako to ama (The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife). While this may or may not be a rape, in this drawing the woman appears to be enjoying herself as a smaller octopus caresses her breasts and kisses her while another performs cunnilingus. Hunh. I thought its beak would get in the way, but he or she seems to be doing quite well with the adulterous woman enjoying herself.   

This was drawn in 1814. Holy crap, right? Maybe it's just me, however, but I don't really find it titillating at all. But, I suppose, different strokes for different folks especially when it comes to sex.

Hell... It was back in 1988 - long before I had ever thought about going to Japan - when I was given a VHS video tape copy of a copy of a copy of a Japanese animated flick that involved tentacle rape. I believed I watched it once, didn't really get why it was made and watched a Japanese-language Akira movie instead.

And yet, 25 years or 198 years later, the genre of tentacle rape continues to exist and prosper in all its glory holes.

I'm hardly the first blog to write about this, but what the heck... in case you missed it... a company known as Soda Pop Miniatures is trying to get a card game off the ground and back up in the air for a full frontal assault... a game called Tentacle Bento.

Called a 'cheeky satire' of the popular animated porn style (it is VERY popular), in this card game, you - the male card playing guy (we assume this will only ever be played by guys, though we are unsure if you can ever get two guys admitting they love tentacle porn to play a card game) get to role-play as a tentacled monster.

Yes... it will be on your rubbery arms that the fate of numerous women will rest. Your job, after all is - before time runs out - to kidnap as many female university students as possible and, I assume rape them with your long, sleek, pulsating, throbbing tentacles that may or may not ejaculate sperm into their orifices splitting them in two from the force of your ejaculation... mmmmm... hard-on. Not.
 Anyhow... the plan is for Tentacle Bento to contain 108 game cards each with a nicely illustrated piece of artwork in the typical Japanese anime style. The cards are meant to depict the characters including sex victims), locales, and sneaky traps laid by the tentacled creatures who are depicted as being from outer space and are no disguised as a student at Takoashi University, an all-girls school in Japan. Tako = octopus and Ashi = leg or foot. Ergo... octopus tentacle university.

According to the designers of the game, Tentacle Bento is easy to learn, and fast to play as it is a classic card matching game whereby players form actions from their hands, combining girls, locations and snatches.

Did that actually say snatches? That was Soda Pop Miniatures phraseology, not my own. Snatch.

Apparently some combination of cards will generate special game effects, while in-game events will shake up play, and character cards will create mayhem when played on your opponents.

I assume there will be tentacle rape, too... though these guys are wise enough to state so on their website: HERE.

Since the Soda Pop Miniatures company first announced they were trying to market this bad boy card game for sexual perverts everywhere who think that rape and sexual exploitation of women is funny and a damn good way to make a dollar, they have tried to make the game more difficult by stating that the university women are “quite capable of holding their own against… unwanted advances”.

Okay... maybe it's just me... but when it comes to card games, if I'm not smoking a Colt cigar and drinking beer and losing money playing poker with guys I barely know or playing strip poker with some honeys, I just don't see the point.

Now... toss in the fact that this is a sex card game...  picture this situation:

"Hey Ryuichi! Do you want to come over to my house tonight? My parents are going out!"
"Sure Hideo! I'm not gay, but that sounds like fun. What do you want to do? Drink sake until we puke on your parent's tatami flooring? Or we can ask your mother to make some onigiri for us while we watch a television program on cooking?"
"No,  I was thinking we could play a card game."
"What? Blackjack or poker?"
"Sort of like poker, only the only poking that will be done will be with our large tentacles!"
"Wha-?! Did you finally purchase Tentacle Bento, the fantastic game that involves us pretending we are raping women?"
"Yes... and when we are done, perhaps it will embolden us enough to think we should rape some real women."

Of course, I'm not saying that would happen, but by depicting something illegal (rape), as being mainstream (via the card game), you sugar-coat the illegal action by pretending it's all fun and games. And that's just wrong.

Look... when it comes to sex, as long as no one gets hurt and everyone is a willing partner and of consensual age, go for it. But don't try to glorify it as being anything other than what it is. Glorifying rape as a fun card game to be played with like-minded people is wrong.

Tentacle Bento is wrong. I'm embarrassed someone felt the need to create and try and market this thing.

The thing is... Tentacle Rape is actually a part of Japanese culture, like it or not. It's there, so I suppose I should not be so hard on the guys for trying to make a buck from it.

To be fair, many months ago, I created a LEGO diorama with the subject matter of tentacle rape. Now don't get too upset... take a look at images, read the article... HERE I've created the anticipation that something bad is going to happen... not the actual bad... which I suppose is exactly what the card company is trying to do.

Crap. I'm guilty of it too. However, I am not making any money by exploiting tentacle rape, and everything is done to show yet another part of Japanese society.   

Again, I apologize for the headline. It was just meant to get your attention.

Andrew Joseph

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