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Friday, September 6, 2013

Deep-Fried Soup At KFC Japan

My arteries are hardening just thinking about how deliciously deadly this could be.

Deep-fried soup? But only in Japan? I bet it's finger-lickin' good! Medic!

Starting September 5, 2013, KFC Japan has begun selling deep-fried corn potage fritters - fried balls of corn soup.

The Corn-Fried potage is not actually a soup, though. Unlike regular soup, which is thinner and more watery, a portage is thicker and creamier… it has substance. And... since it has substance, it is easier to deep-fry. Pottage is French for "Mind your business... okay... if you must know, it means 'potted dish'."

I love the French!

It looks like a chicken nugget with cheese and corn bits… and I'm pretty sure I've got something that looks just like that lodged within my intestinal tract right now.

You are welcome for that visual, by the way.

It's crunchy on the outside and creamy and soft on the inside. So yeah, Japan… you can eat it with chopsticks... but this is KFC Japan! Pick it up and eat it with your fingers.

Still... which boggles the mind first? The fact that someone is deep-frying a liquid or that someone came up with this combination?

In Japan… Coca-Cola (Green Tea flavor) and Pepsi-Cola (HERE) have been going head-to-head and toe-to-toe trying to come up with either the most disgusting, intriguing or tasty flavors and flavor combinations.

Japan already has amongst a myriad of bizarre flavorful treats:
1) The black hot dog - which gets its color from edible bamboo charcoal powder. The bun on the black hamburgers at Burger King Japan are also colored with the same charcoal powder, yet the buns on the McDonald's version of the black hamburger are colored with squid ink.
Photo from
2) Pepsi-flavored Cheetos
3) Clam-Flavored Doritos

Why deep-fry a corn soup? No idea… but Japan's latest fad is to slurp back a nice bowl of corn soup… and perhaps because it has finally grown tired of eating rice over the past several thousand years, the Japanese have also begun eating corn-flavored snacks…

Hey! Japan! Welcome to the 20th Century!

I know it's the 21st Century…

Anyhow… Japanese people are sucking back corn pottage soups all over the country—at convenience stores (gods help you) and high-end cafes.

So hats off to KFC Japan for recognizing a trend and trying to capitalize on it. KFC sure knows deep fried everything….

As for the deep-frying of liquids? I've had a deep-fried Coke once here in Toronto (it's okay. I like Coke for the Coke flavor... and deep-frying it doesn't enhance the flavor)… and I've heard there is deep-fried butter and deep-fried Kool-Aid...but I'm not buying that.

I love how you can take something delicious, though not necessarily the most healthy thing on the menu… deep fry it and turn it into something even more mouth-watering delicious but way more deadly.

Would I eat this? Maybe. I already use an anti-cholesterol med… it doesn't scare me… I recently had some deep-fried brie in a raspberry sauce infused with crushed black pepper—as an appetizer—and it was better than my meal.

It depends on the potage itself. If the originally product is tasty, then a deep-fried version of it could be, too. It just depends on how much oil you can infuse, ne?

But… let's face it. If you want a corn potage… you'll get one. If you want one that is deep-fried, the high-quality taste of the corn potage is not high on your list. It's the experience… and the same for anything deep-fried… though the brie was better than sex. Yeah, I said it.

I'm not going to dismiss the KFC Japan and the Deep-fried corn potage. I haven't tried it, but I'm sure it's tasty.

Any of my friends in Japan up for the taste-test? And then let me know how it is?

Andrew "No Soup For You" Joseph

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