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Friday, November 15, 2013

Real Women Like 20 Inchers

Any idea what the hell the message on the woman's shirt in the photo means?

I had a pretty good idea, but no woman is riding a 20-inch penis and smiling about it afterwards. Hell, many women aren't smiling afterwards of five rides of four inches... at least that is an assumption from this average Canadian guy.

So... if it's not about sex - awww, there go all the blog hits! - what the hell is it about?

Since I'm a curious bastich, and you all know that, I have to try and find out. 

Okay... I'm back... Whew!

Fist off, all you guys can stop glancing down at your wieners... it really has nothing to do with sex. You can stop pretending that six-inches is really eight. I'm pretty sure I've seen tape measures along the inside walls of a female vagina once or twice, along with the sign: "You must be this big to ride...".

Kidding... guys don't get to augment their penis size unlike women and their boobs... and anyhow, as mentioned, this blog has nothing to do with women riding massive male members.

In fact, I have no idea why I don't just erase all of the past few paragraphs and start anew.

But, Andrew... could the message on that woman's shirt be some sort of math calculation gone awry?

But no... even though Japan does use the Metric system like all the other countries in the world but three (I'm looking at you, USA, Liberia and Myanmar - excellent company!), the word 'inches' is not a Japanese translation for 'metric'.

In this case (the photo), the beautiful Japanese woman on the treadmill at the gym getting in shape is wearing a shirt promoting BMX bicycles.

That's what I found out! 

Okay... I have no idea why a woman in a gym running on a treadmill, is promoting the healthy BMX bicycle lifestyle.

I'll assume the photo is NOT part of a real BMX ad, but is instead just a random photo of a random beautiful Japanese woman who just so happens to be wearing a shirt with the BMX advertising joke slogan.

The ad line is brand spanking new from 2007, so once again, Japan—It's A Wonderful Rife is at the forefront of cutting edge news and journalism. You're welcome!

Twenty-incher? For a bicycle? That seems pretty damn low to me... Oh wait.. it has nothing to do with height (I expected floor to seat), but rather the diameter of the wheel.

Weally? So... the implication is that the ad line is sexual hoping it gets someone to talk about the woman's sexual preference for large boners... with opening lines of: "How about 6-inches four times, and you can keep the change!"... "Damn... I guess I'm too big."

Seriously... it's a slogan that can only be worn by women, thereby inviting sexual harassment cases against confused men... like me... why IS she on a treadmill? I know far better ways to get in shape.

So... why is this whole discussion being played out here on Japan—It's A Wonderful Rife? It was sent my way as a Twitter article from a Japanese tweeter, with it be propositioned as an ad from Japan because the woman looks like she has some Asian DNA in her.

I'm not saying the woman is Japanese. I'm not saying this is an actual BMX advertisement, but I am saying the shirt's slogan does have something to do with a choice of bicycle.

Ride'em cowgirl,
Andrew Joseph


  1. LOL, great read. Put a smile on my face!

    1. Thanks Lynda.... Your comment put a smile on MY face. Now... just what were you Google-ing when you found this blog? LOL.
      Thanks for reading!