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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Canadian Eco-Scientist Apologetic About Mistaken Fukushima Warning

Here's an article that I enjoyed reading... it's  essentially about David Suzuki... Canada's own, but one of the most trusted global environmentalists...

Back in October of 2013, at the University of Alberta, he spoke at a symposium where by he predicted that 'a second earthquake hitting Fukushima's Dai-ichi nuclear reactor facility would mean the evacuation of North America's entire west coast.'

Needless to say, Suzuki's remark caused quite the stir.

He said, at the time: "I have seen a paper which says that if, in fact, the fourth (nuclear) plant goes under in an earthquake and those (fuel) rods are exposed, it's bye-bye Japan and everybody on the West Coast of North America should evacuate.

"If that isn't terrifying, I don't know what is."

That paper, Suzuki mentions was the 2013 World Nuclear Industry Status Report.

But... that report did NOT actually mention anything about the need to evacuate the West Coast of North America.

Suzuki is the second speaker in the video below... and he's the one on the far left of the two speakers on stage.

To Suzuki's credit, he has since realized his mistake. In an e-mail to British Columbia, Canada's, The Province newspaper, he says:

"I regret having said it, although my sense of potential widespread disaster remains and the need for an urgent international response to dealing with the spent rods at Fukushima also remains."

You know... David's Canadian of Japanese decent, but I would still feel better if no one of Japanese decent ever used the word regret or regrettable again. 

Anyhow... an honest mistake... but still...

Sorry David... I love ya, but I still believe that while better safety controls are required when dealing with any sort of technology, I do not believe that fear mongering is the way to promote an agenda of a safer Earth.

Andrew Joseph

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