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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gaijin On The Run Because Of Yakuza Threats

Having read the book Tokyo Vice a true story of and written by Jake Adelstein, an American reporter working as a Police Beat reporter for a Japanese-language newspaper, I have no doubts that the Yakuza are alive and well in Japan, and that they still play by the old rules of the game.

After apparently warning a friend of a possible Yakuza hit (how did he learn about it?), the Yakuza offered Garin Dart one chance to leave the country as payback for his warning, convincing him by making threatening overtures about his pregnant Japanese wife and young son.

That was in May of 2013. Dart took off without telling anyone and left the country.

Now eight months later, Dart is living and working in Yorkshire, England... but his family is still in Japan.

Click HERE to read the Daily Mail article by Rosie Taylor.

I wonder why his wife and kids have not come over from Japan yet? I can understand her being mad that he just took off and ran and then didn't contact her... but he says it was to protect her.

But... why would the Yakuza want to kill someone just because they warned another of a possible hit? The punishment does not fit the crime.

Also... if Dart was so concerned for the well-being of his wife and two kids, why is he telling his story in a newspaper article? The Yakuza now know... and with any threat to the 'legitimate business men's club'... well... even if Dart isn't easily accessible, his wife and kids are... as are her family...

It doesn't make sense that he would blab his story to the world, when Interpol would have been enough.

Is there more to the story? Probably.

Andrew Joseph

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