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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 Year Of The Horse

The Year 2014 is The Year Of The Horse (uma) and in Japan, it starts now. Or 17 hours ago if you are reading this in Japan relative to Eastern Standard Time here in Toronto. In China, the Year of the Horse begins on January 31, 2014.

The Horse year for 2014, and like every year in the zodiac, it runs on a five-element cycle... with this year being the Year of the Wood Horse.

It's also called by some - the Year of the Green Horse... Wood... Green...Spring... Plants have new growth.

The elements are Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water and then again starting the cycle with Wood. This means that every 12 years when your symbol shows up - like 2014's Horse, and then 2026, 2038, 2050, 2062... it would be 2014 Wood Horse, 2026 Fire Horse, 2038 Earth Horse, 2050 Metal Horse, 2062 Water Horse, 2074 Wood Horse, 2086 Fire Horse... etc.

The Fire Horse years are considered unlucky. So... if I am lucky enough to still be around in 12 years (who knows, right?), watch how the birth rate figures go down across Asia. People simply don't want to have a baby in the Year of the Fire Horse. It happened last in 1966!

Anyhow... Fire and Wood go together... so if you create a big bonfire, maybe you'll have a lucky year.

I don't know how much power I'd put in the whole astrological thing. I'm a Scorpio born in the Year of the Dragon - the element is none of your business... but I'm supposed to be a lucky SOB. If you take away the lucky part, astrology seems to have got it correct.

Ah me.

Let's hope 2014 is lucky for everyone - not just you horse people (centaurs).

Horse people are those born in: 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906. People who are born in the year of the Horse are supposed to be skillful in paying compliments and talk too much. They are skillful with money and handle finances well. They are quick thinkers, wise and talented. Horse people anger easily and are very impatient.

To celebrate, I have created my own New Years Eve card... my first ever. Made of LEGO piece I cobbled together.

Sending out postcards with your own New Years message with the zodiac character or family portrait is a tradition in Japan... and one I NEVER participated in before.

To be honest... it was never something I understood. I was never taught about these things until after I received them... and I never understood its importance.

I never knew what YEAR of the "animal" was coming up being wholly unfamiliar with the Japanese and Chinese zodiac... and no one ever actually offered to help me create my own New Years card. You create... and then you have someone print them for you.

That, of course, did not stop such stalwarts as Matthew or Kristine from always sending me one back in Japan. While their wishes in Japanese were always well meant - I never had a bloody clue what was written. My skills sucked as my womanizing increased. I know what I wrote.

So... finally... I have gotten my act together and created by own card. It's not the same as what a Japanese person might send you (I still have binders full of the New Years post cards! Binders!!!)... but... it's a start. At least I'm well-dressed in my LEGO creation and my white horse has on his Dragon livery.

Oh... and since my son, Hudson asked, here is HIS creation - it's a jail cell. He doesn't know about the Year Of The Horse, but he did ask that I put his LEGO art up on my blog. I think the other little box is Doctor Who's TARDIS with a new paint job.
Happy 2014 everyone!
Andrew Joseph
Hello Alice!

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