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Friday, January 17, 2014

Kit Kat Shop To Open In Tokyo

Here's a nice, light blog.

For those of you old enough - sorry. For those too young, the old television commercial stated "Kit Kat... a nice, light snack." I was being witty.

Anyhow, because Japan always seems to be in some sort of ultra-fan mode about damn near everything, it also seems to have a fascination for Kit Kat chocolate bars... so much so that on January 17, 2014, the Kit Kat Chocolatory opens up in the basement of the Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. (Yeah, don;t worry... all food shops in Japanese department stores are in the basement. It was like that in Toronto, once upon a time.)

Yes... a shop dedicated to Kit Kat chocolates and I assume some other sort of Kit Kat fan paraphernalia. Holy crap... I spelled that correctly on the first go.

Already with some 15 special edition Kit Kat chocolate bars dedicated exclusively to Japan - why not open a shop and see what the Kat will drag in.

I can tell you that the world's first Kit Kat Chocolatory will debut three - count'em - three limited edition Kit Kat's that day. I think there should be four... as in four nice light, crispy fingers that each pack contains, but what the hell do I know about marketing.

Limited Edition #1: the Sublime Bitter, made with couverture chocolate, which is a very high-quality chocolate containing extra content of cocoa butter, which will make for a Kit Kat with a superb SNAP when broken, to go along with a creamy yet mellow flavor.... then again... this is called a Sublime Bitter, so I'm guessing the bitterness comes from the high-quality chocolate itself. Standard candy bars... including a regular Kit Kat, are made with milk chocolate which contains lots of sugar... real chocolate is bitter... and the higher the percentage, the more bitter it is.

Limited Edition #2: the Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea, which will utilize a powdered extract made from cherry blossoms. Of course... it is January, so these cherry blossoms are going to have been in a powder form for almost a year now. I think it is also safe to assume that there will be a bitter green tea flavor to go with it. I can only assume that the chocolate will be more of a milk chocolate blend and thus sweeter to countermand the bitterness of life the green tea (o-cha). Since 100% authentic cherry blossom extract powder can cost about $40 (¥4,170) a kilogram, this may not be the high quality stuff. Maybe. I do know, however, that very little is required to provide a decent cherry flavor, and that it is very easy to use too much. This could be a tricky one to make consistently.

Limited Edition #3: the Special Chili, a simple Kit Kat that places chili pepper cream between the wafers. I do not know what type of chili pepper is being used. Now... I have heard that chili pepper cream will contain capsaicin, which lends the pepper its heat. How much heat? I have also heard that a red chili pepper cream - as in spreading cream - has been used as a heat balm to relieve pain. I doubt this Kit Kat will provide medicinal relief, but I suspect there will be some heat.

As you can see, these three limited edition Kit Kat flavors are tuned more towards the adult consumer. If I gave anything with a spice in it to my son Hudson in it, he would call the Children's Aid Society. Me? I was like Hudson until I arrived in Japan and turned 26 or so.... I, despite my looks, tended to act like my bland name, and do not share my parental unit's love of all things spicy. But my pallet grew while in Japan. Probably because I went there with an open mind and mouth.

Maybe you'll see the Kit Kat Ginger Ale bar at the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Tokyo. Maybe. Why doesn't this scare me?
Kit Kat Chocolatory will continue to create and offer up new flavors throughout what I hope is a long existence, and has even hired on the famous pastry chef Takagi Yasumasa (surname) of Le Patissier Takagi - located in Aoyama, Tokyo to oversee and develop new flavorings of Kit-Kat chocolate snack bars.

If anyone out there is lucky enough to get their hands on these new bars, and feels like buying one for me, you can always ask me for a mailing address. I always accept donations - in any denomination.

Hey - Alice - I'll even share. Just one fingerling, though. And... Vince - thanks for the heads-up!

Whew... just imagine what I would have written if I had actually tasted one of these bad boys!

Andrew Joseph


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