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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Judge A Man Who Steals 450 Pairs of High Heel Shoes

I'd like to present a story that appeared last week in most Japanese newspapers - followed by my own comments:

Thief caught with 450 pairs of high heels
A man arrested for stealing high-heel shoes from a Tokyo hostess club was found to have a total of 450 purloined pairs when his room was searched, Japanese police said Wednesday.
“I’ve felt pleasure in stealing high heels. I was not interested in brand-new products,” Sho Sato, 28, told investigators after he was arrested Tuesday, according to Tokyo police.
Sato, who is jobless and has no fixed residence, broke into the changing room of the hostess club in Tokyo’s glitzy Ginza district last November and stole 14 pairs of high heels and cosmetics, police said.
They later confiscated some 450 pairs of high heels from a room he rented but the owners have yet to be identified.
“The lockers at the club’s changing room were a treasure chest,” Sato was quoted as telling police.

So... is this a simple theft?

Is this a case of someone who has a fetish for used high-heel shoes?

Or, is this a case of someone with a mental illness - who has the uncontrollable urge to steal shoes?

I think the most important thing is to discover what he does with the high-heel shoes... does he simply:
like high heel shoes;
keep them as trophies because he imagines they are presents from women?
he sniff the shoes as part of his sexual fantasies;
steal because he needs to steal to sell the shoes to buy food and pay the rent - he is jobless;
have no control over his actions because of a mental illness brought on by a chemical imbalance;
have no control because this is just one step away from killing someone;
enjoy being a girl?

I don't judge.

I know many people who enjoy putting their feet into high heel shoes - granted they are all women...

I've dressed up as a woman (Japanese school girl, actually) for Halloween - trust me, it's not kinky, though I made it out to be, but there is nothing scarier than seeing me as a woman. I might have the legs and ass, but I can assure you, I'm as manly as the name Andrew is (it means 'masculine'), and I would make an ugly woman. Halloween is all about scaring people.

By that same token, I know two women I would give my left nut to sleep with who were married on Halloween. Tattoos... the odd piercing... weird in a good way... but now both healthy moms.

How know what drives people? Why does this guy need to steal women's shoes? That's what you should be asking rather than laughing... because then he could get the proper help or jail time he deserves.

Me? I collect. I have over 35,000 comic books. I have thousands of WWI and earlier tobacco cards... tens of thousands sports cards... baseball, hockey, football, basketball, wrestling, hot rods, martial arts, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Planet Of The Apes, Thunderbirds, The Monkees, Wacky Pack stickers.

Hot Wheels - I bought over 500 Hot Wheels for my son when he was three! I miss not being able to buy what I want when I want to. 

I once traded 100 porno magazines for 1,500 comic books - best deal I ever made!

I have over 1-million LEGO pieces, collected records, DVDs, video tapes... paintings, ukiyo-e, stories that I write - must write... books that I have read, train sets... where does it stop?

I have not stooped to stealing articles of clothing or footwear, though I do admit to having a Japanese parasol and a kimono... but I swear it was for art's sake.

Does my collecting make me crazy or curious or just someone who believes that whomever has the most toys - wins?

I write for... why, exactly... ego? Yes, I suppose... or is it because I like to teach and share?

I suppose the poor bugger who stole all those shoes... I'm guessing he doesn't like to share. He's crazy. Sharing is best... except when it comes to popcorn. Everybody gets their own.  Right?

I bring all this up merely to show that we should not judge.

Sato is obviously not playing nice. I have no problem with him collecting women's shoes - even used ones... whatever turns your crank... but stealing them... that is wrong.

He knows that... but he did it anyway... so... lest not ye judge lest ye be judged yourself.

Okay... that was a stupid blog. But... I figured I should add something to the news story.

Andrew Joseph       


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