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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Japanese Automakers In Canada Want Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement

JAMA Canada (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Canada), the association representing Japanese automakers in Canada, has issued a statement in support the Government of Canada's efforts to complete a free trade deal with the Republic of Korea - an important first step towards securing and strengthening economic partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Free and open trade with priority markets in Asia, most notably Korea and Japan, is vital to Canada's national interest to be globally competitive, create jobs and increase prosperity," says Jerry Chenkin, Chairman of JAMA Canada and President and chief executive officer of Honda Canada. "The successful conclusion of a trade agreement with Korea would also allow Canada to direct its full resources towards the swift completion of the economic partnership agreement with Japan.

"The successful negotiation of a free trade agreement with Korea would complement and supplement the Canada-EU CETA agreement-in-principle announced last fall as well as the free trade agreement currently being negotiated with Japan," he continues

"JAMA Canada and its members support the government's ongoing efforts to ensure that Canadian consumers have full, fair and free access to vehicles made in North America, Europe, Korea and Japan."

See? Canada wants to play nice-nice with Korea (we should assume South Korea only at the this time) so that it can actually lie in bed and spoon with Japan. Canada likes Japan. We's a mean mamma-JAMA.

Andrew Joseph 

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