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Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday afternoon blahs

Hi there,
It's Family Day in Canada as I write this and I just went through one of those weeks you wouldn't wish on a dog.

Let me spell it out s briefly as possible:

upcoming expensive dental bill for my son - a spacer and braces;
diabetes - me
bronchitis - me

I'm not sure which made me feel worse.

The diabetes does mean I will get to change my diet - which is good. I get to lose weight.

I was eating total crap all the time and sneaking snacks... but I was limiting my sugar intake prior to that because I knew my blood sugars were kind kind of high anyway... but I guess snacking down on a bag of chips and a regular can of coke a day at work plus cookies at home was the final straw.

I mention all this not to preach, but just to let you know that sometimes small things can fug you up. Do as you will.

Bronchitis... that started on Friday... Friday night I had a wheeze in my lungs... no screwing around, on Saturday I visited the new nearby doctors I see, got the meds - which, while covered eventually by my work's health insurance at 100%, still meant I had to pay up front and submit and get my money back in a couple of weeks... which means I don;t have enough for the new diabetes meds. Maybe. I'll have to see.

The bronchitis also enabled me to eat less. Win-win.

Anyhow... I hacked up a few bits of the infection and blew my nose for all Saturday and Sunday - and l;o and behold Monday... I'm fine. More or less. I'm still taking the meds, of course.

All of which is my way of saying... I am tired. I'm not taking any time off, but I may take a few shortcuts with the blog over the next day or two.

That's what's up with me... I'm sure this week can only be better than last - and I hope it is for you.

Andrew Joseph

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