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Monday, February 3, 2014

New Video On What's Up With Me

Thanks to Vizify and Twitter, I can now - once a month - offer up a neat little 41-second video of what's up.

Sort of.

Obviously, if you want to know what's up, you can just write to me and and ask, go out to lunch with me - I'll buy... or you can simply read between the lines, as some people do, and get a more intimate look at what's up.

Today's video has a musical accompaniment of Bizet's March of the Toreadors from Carmen. While I may indeed have first realized this musical piece from playing the accordion, it really sprang to life after I first watched The Bad News Bears - a kid's movie, sure, but still one of the best ever baseball and sports movies ever.

Why? Because in 1976... it came out just before before Rocky... and showed that you didn't have to always have the underdog heroes win the competition... but that they could still be considered winners.

I never experienced that much as a kid playing sports, because my teams always won, but in everday life, I always felt like an underdog... and that baseball movie taught me that every dog can have his day.

Here's my VIDEO!

Andrew Joseph

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