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Monday, February 24, 2014

Ramen Noodle Stunt Eating

Because I recently took the crap out of Japanese women - and not in that fun we're having sweaty sex type of way - I thought I should see just what the actual appeal was for at least one of their desires.

During a recent survey, Japanese women were asked what they would like to do if they could be a man for a day. Click HERE.

One of the more popular responses was apparently: Enter a food-eating contest, which as you know involves eating as much of something in either the shortest period of time or within a set amount of time.

So… to see why some Japanese women found the allure of stuffing one's male face with as much food as possible interesting, I did a quick search of the internet - not spending more than 47 seconds searching for proof, while actually searching for something for work and accidentally coming across this poor concept of a blog article.

Anyhow… I found the following video on YOUTUBE, whereby a dude named Matt Stonie sucks back 11-pounds (5.09 kilograms) of cooked Instant Ramen noodles - which is the equivalent of 12 packs - in 10 minutes time.

What's the best part? He's a skinny ass dude who is a competitive eater yet weighs slightly less than my left leg.

Now… it doesn't appear as though the ramen noodles are steaming hot… which was why I present a second video of some other guy taking part in the Shin Sen Gumi Ramen Championship in Los Angeles, California back in 2012.

This guy isn't skinny - then again, neither is he obese. You can watch him choke down 14 steaming hot bowls of fresh ramen - and after winning, you can see him show-off and chug a beer. The kid beside him is sooooo skinny that I think he just came in off the streets to get a free hot meal.

This is why I never use public toilets to take a crap. You never know who used it before you.

Andrew Joseph

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