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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ultraman Happy Meal Toys from Japan

I enjoy eating McDonald's.

Was that a collective gasp? Probably.

I don't do it every day, and maybe only once a week.. sometimes every two weeks. It depends.

When I do go to McDonald's, I like to pick up whatever boy's toy they have for sale that week... (you should read my rant about that in my other blog HERE, You Know What I Hate?... a blog that has earned me a call or two from a bank to apologize for a misunderstanding).

Over the years, I have picked up some nice figurines and toys that actually work well, and oft times, things that suck. If they suck for me, I can only imagine how much they suck for the kid's, who would probably have a better time playing with the empty yogurt pack that comes with the Happy Meal.

I should note that I do not actually purchase a Happy Meal (kid's meal) for myself, because I would need four of those to satisfy my bloodlust hunger. If I am at work and purchasing my lunch, I simply ask to see what kid's toy's they have, and purchase it separately if deemed satisfactory my my own imaginings.

Hey McDonald's - I am available as a part-time consultant to offer advice on the kid's toys you are considering utilizing in the Happy Meals! I will work for money, plus a complete set of the toys (boy's toys).

Anyhow... while I was in Japan back in 1990-1993, my city was not big enough to have a McDonald's, and the nearest one was in Utsunomiya - the capital of Tochigi-ken - about 40 minutes train ride away (plus a 25-minute bike ride to my local train station).

And, since I was single and trying to be an adult by drinking lots of booze and sleeping with as many women as possible - two things I seem to not be doing at present - I never thought to even see if Japan's McD's had a Happy Meal... and even to see if they had any cool toys with the meals.

Regardless... a few months back, I discovered that Japan does seem to have some neat toys availble: like the Ultraman Happy Meal toy collection.

Ultraman was/is probably one of the most popular television sci-fi shows ever in Japan - and I know more than a few Japanese adults who can sing the theme song to the spin-off show Ultraman 7 - arguably the the most popular of the many Ultraman shows.

Anyhow... in the fall of 2013, to promote the new Ultraman Ginga television show, Tsuburaya Productions (producers of the Ultraman series) got together with McDonald's of Japan to create some cool free giveaway toys with the meals - the Ultraman Ginga Happy Meal promotion.

Here's the plot to Ultraman Ginga, first:

All of the Ultras and kaiju (monsters) have been turned into toy figures known as “Spark Dolls” and have been scattered throughout the universe by a mysterious force.

Young Raidō Hikaru (surname first) returns to his hometown and visits the local shrine, but discovers it was destroyed by a meteor shower and moved to his old high school

It's there that he finds a device called the “Ginga Spark,”which allows him to become Ultraman Ginga, but also allows him to transform into any Ultra hero or monster who’s Spark Doll is exposed to the Ginga Spark.

Apparently, as the story unfold, Raidō Hikaru fights alongside his friends to collect and release the Spark Dolls, and uncover the evil entity behind it all.

McDonald's offered a total of four sets - a very reasonable number, I might add - none of this whole 10 or 16 toys to a set crap.

The Ultraman set included:
  • Ultraman Ginga;
  • the original  1966 Ultraman that was my favorite! I used to watch reruns as a kid!
  • alien Baltan, and;
  • alien Gomora (who was in the 1966 series!
Ultraman Ginga McDonald's Japan Toy.
Ultraman Ginga is depicted in a standing pose, clenched fists resting on his hips. Flip the switch on his back and his eyes and chest light up. How fricking cool is that?

Ultraman (original 1966) McDonald's Japan Toy
Ultraman ’66 is kneeling but in a classic battle pose. This toy has a spring-loaded arm that you pull back to launch a blue energy saw blade. How fricking cool is that?

Baltan McDonald's Japan Toy
The alien Baltan looks like a lobster and has his pincer's up pose. He stands upon his flying saucer. The movable action occurs when you push down on Baltan, which makes the sound chip activate to vocalize his evil laugh.How fricking cool is that?

Gomora McDonald's Japan Toy
The Godzilla-like Gomora comes movable neck and arms, but features a pull-back motor allowing the monster to rush forward to attack.How fricking cool is that?

Each figure, measuring approximately 3-/2 inches to 4-inches tall, comes in a printed polybag.

In addition to these cool Ultraman toys, some Japanese McDonald’s restaurants offered a limited edition Ultraman Galaxy DVD. How fricking cool is that?

For reference, allow me to show you the Happy Meal toys that the McDonald's closest to me is offering. SpongeBob SquarePants... the same figures they have been giving  away for over a year and a half now... thanks to the fact that McDonald's are franchises and the one near me is owned by someone who doesn't care about making kids happy - just about the bottom line. How fricking crappy is that?
That's it above... a pull-back toy of SpongeBob in a kayak... it's from the 2012 SUMMER Olympic giveaway at McDonald's that the McDonald's near me is STILL giving away as of February 3, 2014 - rather than say the LEGO Movie lenticular motion cups that other, better McDonald's are giving out with the Happy Meal. My son got the Uni-kitty today (Saturday), February 7, 2014.

Want to see a cool toy from McDonald's here in Toronto? Check out the photo of me wearing the set of Batman glasses, that admittedly makes me look like Catwoman, but meow, I can pull it off!
Criminal scum should fear the night.
For those of you who are interested, you can search YouTube and find Ultraman there - including the new Ultraman Ginga... and, many come with English subtitles.

McDonald's of Japan - you are awesome.

Andrew Joseph

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