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Friday, February 21, 2014

Weird Japanese Foods?

I'm going to send you along to a link that will show one's person's view of what constitutes weird Japanese food.

That photo up above... You can believe that it's not butter. Or Parkay.... but what is it? There's a clue on the lid... and if you can read Japanese, you've got it figured out... but for the rest.. I'll tell you shortly...    

Anyhow... a link to another website....

Yeah... some of it looks weird, some of it tastes strange, some of it is simply packaged with strange graphics.

Click HERE.

The lead - but not the story - comes from Caroline, a real honey of a peach who keeps threatening to start her own blog, though she says it's a work in progress. Psst... Caroline... so is Japan—It's A Wonderful Rife. Write. Publish. Write. Publish. And, somewhere in there you are supposed to Edit, or so I here (sp).

Anyhow... thanks, Caroline.

As for the link to weird Japanese foods... go on... read it... have a few laughs and be impressed by a few things and then come back and read a few thoughts from myself...

If you read my thoughts first, it might spoil the surprise on the link. Come here. Go 'way. Come here. Go 'way. Come here. Go 'way. (Hey you! Didn't you kill my brother?).

Hopefully fans of Brit comedy know who sang that song. I'll tell you after the comments.

Some of the weird things I have eaten in Japan. I'll keep it strictly related to food.

I have eaten cooked locusts and bee larvae. I have munched quite happily on goopy natto, mixing a raw egg in with it and soy sauce and pouring it all over some steamed rice. I have eaten green tea ice cream and found it wanting. I have drunk Pocari Sweat which sounds worse than it is. I have eaten raw cow liver - and it wasn't on a drunken dare. I have eaten and love to eat eel - it tastes like fatty chicken and it's apparently supposed to be good for male virality - I don't need it, but it can't hurt. I have eaten bear. I have eaten snake. I have eaten dolphin. I have eaten whale. I have eaten sea turtle phlegm. I have eaten sea urchin. I have eaten raw fish. I have eaten seaweed. I have eaten ice cream from a vending machine. I have bought rice from a vending machine - just because I wanted to see if it was for real. I bought Spanish wine from a vending machine. I once smoked a menthol cigarette in a windstorm and burned my beard off - I found a pack in a vending machine. I have eaten a 20-lb (9.1 kg) rainbow trout I caught in Nikko. I have eaten dried squid (red squid - aki ikka) as I would buy a snack bag every few days and eat them like potatoe chips. I have eaten deep-fried dough balls containing baby octopus - on a stick as snack food.

I have eaten stuff I have no idea what it was. I have eaten stuff that I have no idea what the animal was. I have eaten stuff where I have no concept if what I was eating was animal, vegetable or mineral.

And you know what? It's all good.

Not everything is going to be the best tasting thing in the world, but honestly, I can't even say that anything I ate  was the worst. I don't really have a worst food ever thing. Okay... maybe that sea turtle phlegm - but that's because Japan was all still new - though truthfully, I had it in a French restaurant in Japan. I ate it, refused a second helping and never ate it again. That doesn't mean I won't. After 24 years, my tastebuds changed and so did I.

Think about this... before Japanese cuisine became more common outside of Japan... people used to think that sushi was raw fish. That's actually sashimi. Sushi can have raw fish, but it doesn't have to. Even so... people eating raw fish in restaurants outside of Japan - yes... and over-paying for it while thinking its delicious.

What people think is strange or weird today, may not be considered as such in a few years.

And... the FOCO Basil Seeds drink... FOCO is a Thai company... not Japanese...I suppose it could be available in Japan... but it's probably not a huge seller.

BM Coffee... B.M.  - bowel movement... at least in English. In Japanese it means - I have no idea what the BM means... but it does NOT mean bowel movement. Most of the English-speaking world isn't aware of the connotation. Yeesh.

Octopus ice cream? Sure... why not? That's the container in the image at the very top. It sure looks like there's a tentacle in there. I think it's just a kitsch marketing thing. Click HERE and see some other ice cream flavors from Japan.

In the interest of fair play, since I feel that too much emphasis is given over to how weird people think some Japanese foods are, maybe I'll do one on some of the more elegant foods. Anyone have any suggestions?  

Andrew Joseph
The comedian: that's Alexei Sayle.


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