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Monday, March 3, 2014

Andrew Talks About Anne Of Japan

A couple of weeks ago, a guy named Terry Dawes wrote to me saying he was making a documentary film called "Anne of Japan", which will be about the Japanese fascination with "Anne of Green Gables".

That's a book written in 1908 by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery who penned the adventures of an orphaned, talkative, imaginative red-haired little girl who was adopted by an older company in a small hamlet within the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island - P.E.I. for short.

Terry says he is looking for help via Kickstarter and if you are able to, please give what you can.

The image above, by the way, was one I stole from Terry's website (address farther below) showing the Anne of Green Gables theme park in Hokkaido, Japan. Ho-lee sh!t. Welcome to Anne of Canadian World.

Now... when Terry first contacted me, I had never read Anne of Green Gables. As far as my macho brain could fathom, it was chick-lit (women's literature), and why would I need to subject myself to that?

Well... boredom and curiosity... two very dangerous things to my brain - caused me to investigate.

I have a Kobo reader. It's an old one - given to me almost four years ago from someone whom I helped out with a trade show here in Toronto. The old Kobo's (as opposed to the new ones) came fully loaded with 100 classic novels in them.

Although I had the opportunity to read a few, my wife commandeered it, and it was lost to me for two years. I finally rectified that situation by buying her one for this past Christmas.

Anyhow... after beginning by reading The Island of Doctor Moreau, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Phantom of the Opera, I realized I was all out of horror novels.

Strangely enough, while completely familiar with each of those books, I had never read one of the before. Tsk-tsk. Still... that was five books in six weeks... not bad considering my blog and day writing work load. Plus you should see how much television I've been watching! When the hell do I sleep?

It was while I was reading the Phantom of the Opera that I was looking through the listing of books on the Kobo planning what my next conquest would be.

I loaded up the complete Sherlock Holmes (I had already read that in Japan after Matthew had kindly lent me two huge volumes - we also used to watch the television show every day after work, as I had a bilingual television that enabled me to watch some shows in English), plus Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Alice In Wonderland... and curiously, Anne of Green Gables.

Aside from The Man and Anne, I had already read those books... but I still didn't want to read Anne... and then came Terry's message about Anne the very next day.

It was totally kismet. Karma for my dogma. Some of you understand what that means and can appreciate how it makes you feel inside.

Damn it all... now I knew I would have to read Anne of Green Gables - chick story or not, because you can't avoid fate no matter how much you try and hide and avoid.

I finished off The Phantom of the Opera - now perhaps it's because I now realized that THAT book was actually a love story - and I was reading it over Valentine's Day - and was consumed by remembrances of lost chances - I was, in my mind, able to get over the feeling of being emasculated for the moment to try and enjoy Anne of Green Gables... to at least see just what it is that makes the Japanese... and Terry... I assume it's just the female population of Japan, go absolutely ga-ga over this book.

Terry... and the rest of you... what an absolute joy it was to read! Anne is a winner.

Maybe I'm just weird. My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz (and I love the book(s)), and my favorite book is Alice's Adventures In Wonderland... and now... I love Anne of Green Gables?

Holy crap? Am I turning into a little girl?

It's a good thing I still like hard rock and roll and sports - plus, I not only enjoy watching the Three Stooges - I get the Three Stooges. That is what separates the men from the women, in my opinion. The Three Stooges.

Anyhow... Anne of Green Gables... welcome to my illustrious domain of top-flight literature.

Maybe it's because Anne is a redhead? I always did love redheads. Even dye-job redheads.

I can see a lot of you suddenly going blonde tomorrow.

Anyhow... once again... because I think I'd like to see Terry's documentary Anne of Japan on the Japanese fascination of Anne of Green Gables, here's another shot at helping him out.

If you would like to learn more about why the Japanese even KNOW about Anne of Green Gables, read my month old blog HERE.

If you would like to learn just WHY the Japanese love Anne of Green Gables, maybe you should help get the Anne of Japan documentary off the ground: click HERE to see Terry's website on the subject, and when you are done, click to his KICKSTARTER site.

Terry... thank-you and good luck. You'll have to send me a copy of the film when it's done - or at least a 10% off coupon.

Andrew Joseph
PS: I'm now reading The Man Who Knew Too Much - my fictional competition in my quest to know something about everything. 

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