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Monday, March 17, 2014

Japan Sells KitKat Bar You Can Bake - Why?

Nestlé Japan has developed a new mini KitKat (or Kit Kat) that can be eaten as a chocolate bar or baked and eaten like a chocolate covered cookie—called KitKat Bake.

You, the consumer now have the option of eating your KitKat raw… or turning on the oven to 350F (177 C) - both are guesses, as no actual baking temperature was mentioned wherever I looked - waiting until the oven gets hot and then baking it for two minutes… so that the crispy wafer KitKat chocolate bar becomes a crispy wafer chocolate-covered cookie.

Is it just me or did my description of how to make a baked treat reveal umpteen flaws in the nice light snack that is a KitKat bar?

Energy to heat the oven… plus time wasted to heat the oven to an appropriate temperature, plus the cooking time… and for what? To make it more crispy?

You know… if consumers wanted that, wouldn't they be eating something other than a KitKat chocolate bar… like a cookie? Consumers want the chocolate bar, which is why they purchased a chocolate bar in the first place.

Oh well, I suppose it's a way to try and take away a small bit of market share from the cookie manufacturers.

Available only in Japan as of March 24, 2014, the chocolate comes in two varieties: KitKat Mini Original Chocolate and KitKat Mini Pudding.

The new bakeable candy bar is the brainchild of Nestlé Japan and its chocolatier Le Patissier Takagi, who recently developed KitKat's first boutique.

Should you get your hands on a regular KitKat bar and want to bake it—don't. There is a disclaimer from Nestlé Japan that advises: "KitKat Bake has been developed in Japan, specifically for baking; please do not attempt to bake other KitKat products."

The results would be a puddle of chocolate surrounding a wafer that may not have a lot of crisp left in it.

If you do get your hands on a KitKat Bake, you'll note that per the photo image above, it appears to be a white chocolate, that turns into a golden brown version after baking.

Diabetic though I now am, I still think it might be better deep-fried. Then again, everything is better deep-fried. Gods, I hate dieting.

Andrew Joseph

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