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Friday, March 28, 2014

Japanese Doll Shoots Fire From Its Ass?

Now… if I may be so bold, if you're like me, you enjoy smoking' pussies… but of course it has to be the right kind, as no one wants to see a cat with throat cancer or anyone with a scorching case of herpes.

Depending on one's fetish… you may also want to own or want to avoid Fanny Flambeaux.

Fanny Flambeaux is a doll similar in stature to the standard Barbie doll… but bustiness and curves aside, that is where the similarities end… and I do mean end.

The Fanny Flambeaux doll is part of something called the Smokin' Pussies gang. Who are these girls and how did they get together? I suppose we can blame the Internet and Japan.

Yeah… Japan, because aside from the whole smoking pussies joke thing, why else would I be writing about it here?

Sent to me by a personable, friendly freak who is quite hot herself, I was shocked, stunned and not less than a little amazed by what I saw on the following video on YOU TUBE. Go ahead… I'll still be here:

I'll be honest… I'm still unconvinced that this isn't just a one off joke. Why would I say this? Because this product has supposedly been available for over a year and there is only a single video showing it  work.

If this was a real, readily available toy doll with a flame thrower up its lady parts, I'm pretty sure every guy with a smoke alarm hardwired into his parent's basement would want one and would be filming several of these dolls firing off blue angels in some sort of perverted frat boy harmony. No offense to perverts.

The only thing that lends Big Clive - the amicable Scotsman in the video - major credence, is that he drops the bomb that it is made by a company in Japan.

"Of course it is!" we all exclaim as we slap our collective forehead!

Something offering wacky and crazy and dangerously arson-like coming from Japan? Sure… makes sense. You don't even question it or blink and eye.

Anyhow… Big Clive does come clean… this doll is just the brainchild of a clever guy with the wherewithal to bore out the asshole of a toy doll to stuff in a birthday cake "ice fountain" indoor firework.

And… he does tell you how—if you are a big boy or girl 18-years-of-age or older (to cover his ass for legal reasons) how make one of these Flaming dolls yourself.

Here's what he wrote:

Since I've now been asked several times if it's a real product I have to confess that the product in the video was actually made from a few different items all sourced from Poundland. The good news is that if you are a big boy or girl (18 or older) you can own an actual Poundland Fanny Flambeaux doll by making it from the following Poundland items:-
You do this ENTIRELY at your own risk. Doll may explode in flames. (Yay!)
A "Dress to impress" doll,
Birthday cake "ice fountains" to insert up the dolls (widened) botty,
A barbecue style gas lighter to light it with,
A pack of 6" by 4" photo paper to make a new label and glossy instruction guide.

I love it!

Thanks to Wonder Woman for the heads-up on face-down!

Andrew Joseph


  1. Entirely welcome! - WW/AiW

    1. How many nicknames have I used for you? LOL!

  2. He said made in china... its not that hard to listen.

    1. Ha! I shouldn't have had the volume so low... but I was at work at the time...

    2. BTW... what he says... and the truth are two different things! He said you CAN NOT buy the doll... and writes HOW to make one. Which is what he did for the viral video.

    3. The point is moot, people... he made the damn product himself. It's NOT manufactured by Japan for a Chinese market. It was manufactured for himself to have some fun with people. The dude is quite the skilled package maker, and his acting skills ain't half-bad either. The fact that he conceived of sticking a flammable object into a the backside of a doll shows he has both some amazing creativity and issues. I admire him!

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  4. Fanny flamboux is a hen party toy for adult women its a novelty sparkler and has been available in stores for ages

    1. Says who? The guy behind the video says he made it himself and it was a prank. So I doubt it somehow.