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Monday, March 10, 2014

Japan's Park Employee And Penguin Girlfriend

This is Sakura-chan, a female penguin - I think - of the cape penguin variety.

Residing at the Matsue Voegl Park in Matsue-shi (City of Matsue) in Shimane-ken (Shimane Prefecture), the little penguin's mate died last year.

Despite the fact that, unlike humans, penguins make for life, Sakura has found herself a new boyfriend.

Yup... it's a male park employee, Hashire-san... who enjoys having Sakura follow him around. Everywhere.

Having just seen the movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman (In 3D) with my son, Hudson, I thought a nice family story would be what we needed today in anticipation of the third anniversary of the horrible disaster that affected so many people in Japan back in 2011.

Excellent movie, by the way... though I suspect the jokes might have been a tad adult for my son - but not for me!

Anyhow... Matsue Vogel Park is one of the largest indoor gardens in the world, and has lots of birds and flowers and four cape penguins....

Here's a YOUTUBE video of the happy couple: 
For more information on the park (in Japanese), click HERE.

Andrew Joseph

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