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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kool Black Packaging From Japan

Coming from Canada where the very few things available in a vending machine were soda pops and chocolate bars and other snack items, walking into Japan and seeing vending machines offering me everything under the rising sun, was a bit of a shock.

You could purchase: porno magazines, comic books, panties, flowers, ice cream, booze, cigarettes (not seen as such since the mid-1970s), foods, bags of rice, and far too many other things to list, about the ONLY thing I never saw was a vending machine selling chocolate bars! 

While I only ever used a vending machine to purchase the odd can of Coca-Cola, a bottle of Spanish wine, a few disposable cameras, film, a bottle of sake and Pokari Sweat… by far the best thing and strangest thing was getting coffee… in a can.

Available already heated or non-heated within a vending machine, companies like Coca-Cola offered Georgia Coffee that was very sweet, while UCC also offered one that was probably closer to a real rich coffee.

Anyhow… take a look at the creative packaging seen above… it combines the new KOOL 8 cigarette brand with the UCC Black coffee, because the marketers have done their research and know a lot of people around the world enjoy a smoke and a coffee…

… of course, a bowel movement usually occurs after an early morning smoke, but I'm sure that's not just me… yeah, yeah… I'm almost down to zero smokes a day…

I really do love the black on black packaging to promote these two products (a gift-pack, if you will)… it's a bit difficult to see, but there's something about it that draws the consumer in to make them have a closer look.

It might be the electric colors on the pack of smokes… or the brilliant gold color on the can of coffee… whatever… it works.

Simple embossed paperboard container with housing for the UCC Black coffee at the base and the Kool 8 above it, with an open window to see the coffee and a secure opening at the top to easily remove the package of cigarettes.

I'm not sure why, but this gift pack made its way to my work office—I do write for the packaging industry—but it wasn't sent to me.

So… thanks, UCC and Kool for nothing.

Reverse of the Kool 8 and UCC Black coffee giftbox.

I like the packaging, though.

Andrew Joseph

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